Cemeteries in Cabot

Cabot has seven formal cemeteries.  Until 1799, when land was set aside for our first cemetery, settlers laid their loved ones to rest at home.  Over the years, most burials have taken place in cemeteries, but it is not unusual or illegal for a home burial to take place in Vermont, and cremation is being used more than it used to be, so ashes are scattered, often with no official record having been made.
Maps to assist in locating burial sites in each cemetery are found at the bottom of this page.

CENTER OF TOWN1799, 1 A. land given by William Osgood.  84 known burials. Closed  1846.

First buried there, William Osgood, in 1801;

Samuel Whittle, Jr. buried in the lower corner, outside regular boundary, 1809;

Squire James Morse, first Justice of the Peace, buried 1812;

Cabot’s first school teacher, Joseph Smith, buried in 1814;

Fifield Lyford was the last person buried there before the cemetery was closed.  Center of Town Burials

Directions:  From Cabot Village, take Danville Hill Rd. (behind the Common) to the four corners, Menard Rd. on the left, Old Center Road on the right.  Turn right through the field and there is parking space just beyond the tree line.  Walk down the hill, following the trail to the cemetery; walk up the hill to see where the first meeting house and pound were.  When leaving, if you turn right and continue up Danville Hill Rd. you will come out on Rte. 2 in East Cabot, south of the East Cabot Cemetery and north of South Cabot Cemetery.   Heading east on Rte. 2 takes you to Joe's Pond, W. Danville, Danville and St. Johnsbury; heading west takes you to Marshfield, Plainfield, E. Montpelier, Barre and Montpelier.


DURANT CEMETERY, Lower Cabot – 1813, on land bordered by the Winooski River, given by Elihu Coburn and Col. John Stone who each gave ¼ A. of land.  John T. Durant deeded additional land north of the existing ½ A. in 1894.

Jennie (Gould) and her husband, B. L. "Budd" Bruce, with neighbors, developed the Sunken Garden, dedicated on August 20, 1931; restored and rededicated in 1993.  Plaque installed at the Sunken Garden in 2003.  This cemetery is still in use.

Directions:  On the east side of Rte. 215 between Marshfield and Lower Cabot, about two miles south of Cabot Village. 


KIMBALL CEMETERY - 1814, had 19 known graves.  These were moved about a mile west to the West Hill Cemetery that opened on land donated by David

Lyford and John Edgerton.

Directions:  No longer there, but it was on what is now called Churchill Rd.

WEST HILL CEMETERY - 1817, on land donated by David Lyford and John Edgerton, during the time of "the great sickness."  This cemetery is still in use.

Directions:  From Cabot Village, go south on Main Street to Elm Street on the right, or if coming from Rte. 2 in Marshfield, Elm Street is on the left just past the Cabot Creamery.  Go to the end of Elm Street (the Village Cemetery is directly in front of you), turn right onto Bothfeld Hill Rd.   This is a steep, winding dirt road and at the top of the hill is Bothfeld's Dunstable Farms.  The cemetery is directly opposite Dunstable Farms, on the left.  You can continue on this road down past West Hill School on your right at the four corners at West Hill Pond. Take West Hill Pond Road to get back to Rte. 215 in Lower Cabot.

VILLAGE CEMETERY – 1820, on ½ A. donated by John W. Dana.  Later enlarged to 1 A.

In 1865, T. H. Lance opened private cemetery for sale of lots, adjoined original cemetery, and in 1905, J. T. Lamson deeded a parcel of land to the town that was an apple orchard, first removing the trees, and the two parcels were combined.

There is a water fountain donated by E. W. Paige, and a lovely iron fence around this cemetery.  There is also a vault which has not been used for many years.  Additional land on a hillside immediately west of the present cemetery lots was donated in recent years to extend the cemetery.

Seraphine Crosby Wiswell, wife of Dr. Wiswell, was a prominent figure in the early years of Cabot.  Mrs. Wiswell declared to her family that she would have the largest monument in the Village Cemetery, and ordered a monument which needed seven horses to bring from the stone sheds in Barre, where it was carved, to Cabot.   (Photo at left by Will Walters.) 

Directions:  From Marshfield on Rte. 215 heading north, take Elm Street, a left turn just past the Cabot Creamery, or from Walden on Rte. 215, go right when you get to Elm Street, a few rods from the business district.  Go to the end of Elm Street and the cemetery is straight ahead and to your left at the junction with Bothfeld Hill Rd.


PLAINS CEMETERY – 1825, on land donated by Alpheus Bartlett.  More recently, in the late 1900's, Richard Spaulding donated more land for this cemetery.

There are a few gravestones belonging to the Covell family that have dates of death earlier than 1825.  According to records, Alvira Covell was the first to be buried there, but there is no headstone for her.  In the Covell lot are Lois who died Nov. 13, 1822, Solomon, her son, who died on May 1, 1823, and a plain marker which could be Alvira's.  Lois's husband, Phillip, is apparently not buried there. Cabot Plains Burials

This small cemetery is located on the Bayley-Hazen Road and is still in use.  It has a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, including Camel's Hump, the Worcester Range, Mt. Mansfield, Jay Peak in Vermont and the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Pictured at left, looking west across Cabot Plains Road towards Camel's Hump and the Worcester Range. 

Directions:  From Cabot Village, head north on Rte. 215 straight out of the village about two miles to Cabot Plains Rd, a right turn.  Follow this dirt road past the restored Walbridge School on your right to the top of the hill and the cemetery is on your left across the road from Foster's Covered Bridge.  If you are approaching from Rte. 2 in West Danville, take a right turn onto West Shore Rd., just past the public fishing access at Joe's Pond.  Go straight for about two miles and bear left onto Cabot Plains Road.  If you continue straight on Brickett's Crossing Rd. you'll come out on Rte. 215 in Walden Heights.  Follow Cabot Plains Road bearing right past the intersection with Bolton Rd. on your left at the Cabot Plains School and the cemetery is at the top of the ridge on your right at the "T" with Dubray Rd. on your left.  Bear right.  You'll see spectacular panoramic views of the White Mountains in the east, Jay Peak and Canada looking north, Woodbury quarries, Camel's Hump and Mt. Mansfield to the west.

SOUTH CABOT - 1834, on land donated by Moses Clark.  The first to be buried there was his six-month old son, Reuben, who died on March 11, 1834.  Moses was laid to rest there in 1889, having outlived three wives, also buried there.  This small cemetery is still in use.

Directions:  From Rte. 2 it's a right turn onto Houghton Rd. if you're heading east; heading west it's a left turn about a half mile from Goodrich's Maple Farm.  The cemetery is on the left about a mile up Houghton Rd.  Continue on that road to the Covenant Hills Christian Camp on the right.  Continuing on this road will take you to Mack Mountain Rd. and Peacham if you turn right, East Cabot if you turn left.

EAST CABOT - 1847, on land donated by George Rogers and later two small parcels were added,  sold to the town by S. E. Houghton - the first in 1899 for $20.50, and the second in 1911,  a 50 sq. ft. piece for which the town paid $50.  This is a small cemetery and it is still in use.

Directions:  From Cabot Village, take Danville Hill Road to Rte. 2, and turn left to Mack Mountain Rd. on your right.  If you are coming from St. Johnsbury heading west, Mack Mountain Rd. is just past Molly's Pond on your left.  East Cabot school, now a private residence is on the corner and immediately past it is the cemetery.  Continuing on Mack Mountain Rd. will bring you to Peacham.  If you are coming from Montpelier, turn right on Mack Mountain Rd. about half a mile past Goodrich's Maple Farm. East Cabot Burials

The cemeteries are small except for Durant and the Village Cemetery.  To locate grave sites in these two, you may need help.  You can contact Jane Brown at the historical society, cabothistorical@gmail.com, or stop at the Cabot town offices in the Willey Building on Main Street during regular business hours. 



Center – 1799-1846  (Inactive) Center Cemetery Map

Kimball – 1814  (Moved)

Durant – 1817  (Active)                Durant Cemetery Map

West Hill – 1817  (Active)           West Hill Cemetery Map

Village – 1820  (Active)               Village Cemetery Map 

Plain – 1825  (Active)                   Plain Cemetery Map

South – 1834  (Active)                 South Cemetery Map

East – 1847  (Active)                     East Cabot Cemetery Map

Death in the Early Cabot Settlement

Epitaphs, Cabot Cemeteries

To see lists of burials at the Center, Plain and East cemeteries, go to Link.  For more information about burials (names, dates and locations) contact us at cabothistory@gmail.com