The Night Eternal

posted Oct 26, 2011, 10:00 PM by Dan Armstrong
The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

"From the authors of the New York Times bestsellers The Strain and The Fall comes the final volume in one of the most electrifying thriller series in years. 
It’s been two years since the vampiric virus was unleashed in The Strain and the entire world now lies on the brink of annihilation.
Humankind’s only hope for salvation is Dr. Ephraim Goodweather—head of the Centers for Disease Control’s team—and his ragtag band of freedom fighters. But who will pay the ultimate sacrifice—so that others may be saved"

Armstrong Says:  While I haven't yet started it (been sick for a couple of days), I haven't looked forward to a book more than this for some time, perhaps years (with the possible exception of A Dance with Dragons).  If this installment is anything approaching the first two, it will be a treat and just in time for Halloween!  Coming at the over-populated vampire genre from a different angle (in this one the last remaining humans are fighting to survive the vampiric plague that has taken over the planet).  Imagine a heroic CDC doctor, his adolescent kid, an inventive old rabbi and a pest control specialist with a serious hatred of all things that live in darkness- vampires included are all that stands between the end of life as we know it and salvation for all humanity.  Now imagine they are facing legions of vampires created by the titular "Strain" and their leader, the uber-powerful Master armed with UV lamps and cattle prods and you're getting there.  Seriously, don't be put off by the genre (as I am now- good thing this beat my disinterest by a few months) this is very well paced and written with believable characters and absolutely terrifying scenes.  If you don't believe me, simply read the first couple of chapters of the original in the series, The Strain and see if you aren't creeped out and totally hooked.