Critical Studies in History

Journal of the History and Theory Reading Group

About the Journal:

Critical Studies in History (ISSN 1943-0795) is the official online journal of the History and Theory Reading Group, which meets regularly on an informal basis in the New York City area.  The general aim of the journal is to provide an online forum for scholars interested in exploring the relationship between critical theory and historical problems.  Because members of the Reading Group come from different regions of the world, this journal offers those who could not attend the meetings an unique opportunity for expressing critical perspectives on the themes discussed by the Group.  Interested authors should refer to the "Information for Authors" page for additional guidelines on how to contribute to the journal.  The journal is catalogued in the Genamics Journalseek database.



Vol. 1 "History in Theory / Theory in History" (December 2008)

Vol. 2 "The Project of Modernity" (June 2009)

Vol. 3 "Ontological Sentiments: History and Being" (forthcoming)



Founding Editor:
Howard H. Chiang, 2008-

Associate Editor:
Haines Brown, 2008-

Editorial Board:
Maggie Clinton, 2009-

Jonathan Gorman, 2008-
Bettina Gramlich-Oka, 2008-

Patrick J. Hayes, 2008-
William Jackson, 2008-
Karen Krahulik, 2008-
Scott Kushner, 2008-
Andrea Lawrence, 2009-
Paul Mazzocchi, 2009-
Karam S. Nachar, 2008-
Signe N. Nielsen, 2008-
Leon A. Rocha, 2009-
Nicholas Underwood, 2009-
Max W. Ward, 2008-
Martin Woess
ner, 2008-