History and Theory Reading Group


The History and Theory Reading Group provides a forum for theoretically inclined historians and theorists who are deeply engaged with the study of history in the Princeton, Columbia, NYU, and other New Jersey/New York communities to meet informally on a regular basis.  Each session is devoted to thematic or topical discussions of the intersections between critical theory and historical problems.  The group normally meets in New York City, but the exact location and readings for each meeting will be determined in light of the interest of those present.  The Group Coordinator is responsible for managing a mailing list for announcements, information, and readings to be distributed in an orderly manner.  To request participation in the Reading Group and the mailing list, please send an e-mail to the Group Coordinator, Howard Chiang (history.theory@gmail.com), with a brief self-introduction and statement of interest.  The Group welcomes scholars from a diverse range of disciplinary and institutional backgrounds, but the core focus of the readings and discussions will be on both historical and theoretical issues, with an emphasis on how they relate to one another and other disciplinary concerns.  In the interest of extending the conversation beyond the regular meetings, the Group publishes its official online journal, Critical Studies in History (ISSN 1943-0795).