Thoughts about the Windrush

Re-evaluating Chartism - Chartism Day 1 June

Making Sense of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre 

New Publications
Croydon's Black African & Caribbean History Before the Windrush
An Introduction by Sean Creighton. £3 + £1.32 postage

The Importance of the Peterloo Massacre of 1819
A personal discussion triggered by Mike Leigh's film and a Long 18thC Seminar
Sean Creighton. £2 + 83p postage

Suffrage Campaigns & Campaigners in Croydon

Sean Creighton with Iona Devito and Louise Szpera. £3.50 + £1.28 postage

The Wind From Peterloo

John Charlton, published with North East Labour History Society. £3 + £0.79 postage

Caroline Ganley

Terence Chapman £8 + £1.64 postage

Battersea Women’s Activism 1890s-1914

Sean Creighton. £2 + 0.79p postage

Recent Croydon affairs writings
(latest first)

Recent History writings

This is followed by Part 2

This is followed by Parts 2 & 3

Vauxhall Sex and Entertainment

As the print version is sold out the booklet can now be downloaded at

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network Newsletter 54 (February 2019)

Available from or downloadable from

2019 Talks & Walks etc

3 August. Annual John Burns Walk for Battersea & Wandsworth Trades Union Council. John Archer's house to John Burn's house on Clapham Common Northside

21 July. Bookstall at Friends of Norbury Park Fun Day

18 July. Loveless Overton. 18hC Bajan solider and freemason

Talk at International 18thC Studies Conference in Edinburgh

8 July. Samuel Coleridge Taylor. Talk for NHS retired staff group at Croydon University Hospital

6 July. Chaired meeting to set up Norbury History Group, which I will co-ordinate

1 July. Bookstall and panel member at Croydon Windrush Generation event 

15-24  June. Bookstall at film festival events organised by Black Stock at David Lean Cinema

22 June. Bookstall at Croydon Windrush commemoration event on North End

26 & 27 June. Bookstall at Whitgift School History Festival    

29 June. Bookstall at St Oswald's Church Fair (Norbury)

45 May. Bookstall. May Day event at Ruskin House

4-6 January. Annual 18thC Studies Conference

Papers by me read out on my behalf:

Petitioning Newcastle Corporation in long 18thC

The Princess of Zanfara and Bewick's Kneeling Slave

Second-hand book items - see via link on left.

HS&AP publications: 

See link on left

In addition to glossy covered booklets as below I publish  short runs of pamphlets mainly written by me produced 

Labour Politics in Croydon 1880-1914

Michael Tichelar

Croydon Radical History Monograph No. 1 

£2 plus £1 postage 

Radical Croydon 1860s-1939

An introduction to the history of Croydon's labour, radical and socialist movements

Croydon Radical History Monograph No. 2 

£2 plus postage

Croydon's African and Asian History. An Introduction

Croydon Radical History Monograph No. 3 

£2 plus postage

The Falcon Road Area - An Introductory History 
(Falcon Rd is in Battersea)

Produced for the area Festival 2016

50p + 70p postage

Railwaymen and Brunswick House

A preliminary introduction based on a talk at LASSCO, September 2013

£1 plus 70p postage


 A Historical Review of Co-operative and Mutual Social Action

 £2 + £1 postage (reprint)

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I am available as a speaker or to lead history walks

Sean Creighton
Updated 2 November 2015

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Discussion, history notes etc blog site:

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Esther Bruce. A Black London Seamstress. Her Story 1912–1994.

Stephen Bourne. £4 + £1 post. 

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 H&SAP Diary and News

Up until early June 2014 I produced a regular diary of events and news that relate to my interests which is emailed to individuals and networks around the country. Sample copies are on request. In addition to a Diary of events of interest in London and elsewhere in the country, the main contents are on issues in  Croydon,  and general social action and  history news and relevant news of Lambeth and Wandsworth. This diary has been replaced by the History & Social Action News and Events website: 

My Blog 
Up until early June 2014 this blog site contained comment on social action, political and historical political issues and news and events. Since then the site  only has posts of my comments on issues, and detailed historical notes. The other site  contains news and events.  

Croydon Citizen Postings

I used to comment on cultural, heritage and political issues in Croydon Citizen which seized publication in 2018. My contributions can still be seen at

To find my articles click on the most recent posting, and  put 'Creighton' into the search box. 

Croydon Radical History Network

I co-ordinate the Network. See left hand menu.

Second-hand books , pamphlets and journals for sale
See books for sale in left hand column

HSAP Pamphlets
See details by clicking on titles on left hand column. 

Croydon TUC and Assembly
I convened the TUC's working party on Croydon Council's Growth Plan in 2014. I was on the planning group of Croydon Assembly which the TUC initiated, and convened its economic development and housing working group. I was a member of its Environment working group. I came off the planning group in 2018.

Croydon Radical History Network
I co-ordinate the Network and edit newsletters and pamphlets published under my imprint.

Norbury Organisations
I represent Norbury Village Residents Association on the Love Norbury Planning Committee, and chair Love Norbury's Transport Committee. I am Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust. I run the Norbury Watch blog side with details of events, new and issues:
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network
I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Network. Full details including the newsletters can be seen on

North East Slavery & Abolition Group

I am the Group's Co-ordinator. It was set up to continue the work of the Tyne & Wear 2007 Tyne & Wear Remembering Slavery Project for which I was Archive Mapping & Research Officer. The Group's newsletters can be seen on: 

North East Popular Politics Project

I was the Project's Archive Mapping & Research Co-ordinator (paid project worker to end March 2013 with  HLF funding) and unpaid from March 2013 until 2014 when a new non-funded North East Peoples History Project started. Details about NEPPP can be seen on: Its Project database is at  

Heritage Wandsworth Partnership
It organises the Wandsworth Heritage Festival. I was a member of it and its representative on the Wandsworth Green Plaques Panel until October 2014, when I came off as part of re-organising my involvements, but continue to work on Wandsworth history issues and given the occasional talk and lead the occasional walk.


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