History of the surname Zoransky (Zoranski)

The Zoransky/Zoranski family was of Prussian nobility.  The following link provides an interesting account of the Needle losses in Prussia 1794-1870.  Note the website is in German and you will need a translator such as Google to help bring the information to life.  Website: http://home.foni.net/~adelsforschung/archiv16.htm

The Zoransky family can be found under the year 1834,

Translated text

Needle losses in Prussia 1794-1870List of all ascertainable cases of Prussian nobility recognized in court personal loss

When in 1794 appeared the General Land Law for the Prussian States as a kind of "Basic Law " in Prussia , it also the state of the aristocracy with rights and duties has been presented to him . So was , for example, stated that Knight goods could be bought and sold only by nobles , but not by non- noble people. Nobles had also possess a certain marriage circle. Did they not befitting a person married , they required the approval of the king.

Needle loss in Prussia 1794- 1870Der nobility was thus a stand, which suffered statutory framework directives . Belonging to this stand was but dynamic, ie there were ways to change the state . This possibility can be described as " social mobility " .Who had distinguished himself in the administration or in the military as Nichtadeliger ( "Citizens " ) , could be raised by an ennoblement of the King ( until 1918 ) to the peerage . These subjects experienced an appreciation of their profession . It was possible the ennoblement of one or more persons. Born before and after the ennoblement offspring were usually (if not a personal nobility was conferred ) also noble. The nobility inherited continued in both sexes in the man trunk.Who had his stand proved to be unworthy , because he had committed a crime ( according to former definition) , could be discharged ( to 1870 ) from the nobility by a court conviction. The needle loss was possible only one person. The children born before needle loss retained their nobility, the children born after the needle loss were born nichtadelig and remained so even with all their descendants. The nobility inherited no longer with these children or those children.

To answer a frequently asked question we here the same: That means that today is not noble support of the here family name could possibly be descendants of formerly noble persons and families. In any case, an examination of the church records must be made by you to determine the filiation .

In 1870 the corresponding legal basis of the General Prussian law was repealed in the course of judicial reform by the unification of the German Reich and not taken the needle loss in the penal laws . Nobles who then is a "crime " committed , remained more noble. Of course, there have also been before 1794 and after 1870 "criminals" from the nobility , they were and are not only indicated by a needle loss. Adel losses it has thus given only in Prussia between 1794 and 1870.

It would be unscientific to claim that the nobility had committed crimes in his majority or is a " wicked " stand Absolute comparative figures of those who lost the nobility, to those who still viewed and lived blameless , can not be determined. Undoubtedly, but the needle loss and thus the delinquent Edelmann remained the exception.

An example : 1815-1820 there were 33 losses nobility in Prussia with an estimated 140,000 people in aristocratic Prussia ever. That would be a percentage of only around 0,023 percent!The persons named on this website all have several characteristics in common: they are , as far as it could see the Prussian authorities - and their official file based the information given here - initially only detected nobles , but the state was not always safe whether it was indeed nobles .However, it was assumed that they are nobles .

A distant thing in common: they lost all their nobility for their person of an offense for which they had been convicted of an ordinary Prussian court. In most cases the convicted person additionally get a fortress , prison or penitentiary , and occasionally a fine. The offenses were often in theft and fraud, receiving stolen property less frequently , forgery, fornication or rape.The entries are reproduced here in abbreviated form .

However, each entry has at least the following information ( except for very minor exceptions with missing first name or a lack of home ) :    First and last names of the convicted    Year in which occurred the needle loss    Home of the convicted ( it is called a Prussian province )    For details on the personal , professional , former career, occupation of father (data not uniformly available)    Offense , which led to the needle loss    

Punishment , was detected on the addition to the needle lossBelow as an example of a database entry the data on the social democratic writer Johann Baptist v.Schweitzer , was the disallowed due to his political omissions of nobility :    Year of needle loss : 1866    Name: Johann Baptist v.Schweitzer    Home : Brandenburg    Personnel : 32 years of writer and editor of the newspaper " The social democrat " , son of a surviving reindeer criminal record , for an offense involving moral turpitude    

Offense , which led to the loss of nobility : repeated high treason , endangering the public peace , incitement to disobedience , insulting public authorities , vilification of arrangements of the authority    Punishment , was detected on the addition to the needle loss : 1 year imprisonment and prohibition of civil rights for 1 year    Source for this information: Archives XYZ, Abt.00 , Act Nr.00On request we can provide you with the full entries to the above pattern for each of the indicated name from our database of Prussian nobility losses from 1794 to 1870 .

About the database information out there is also a copy of the court ruling for almost any of the more than 700 cases. These documents are not with us , but in a German state archive and therefore its property . This handschriftlchen court rulings in addition to the above information to our data fields :    Additional personal details of the accused    sequence of events    testimonies    date of deed    Place , place name , instance, and date of conviction    

Verdict and , where appropriate, confirmation of the king of this judgmentWhen you order full entries from our database , please contact us all the guidance that you need , where appropriate, to order copies of court judgment !If you are in addition to the topic " needle loss in Prussia from 1794 to 1870 . Foundations , theories , application and practice of the Prussian nobility suspension " of interest , so we recommend you to visit our World Network page on needle losses in Prussia within the German Rogue repertory . The entire article is there for free in full text with footnotes and Quellennachweisungen accessible.

The following persons of the nobility in Prussia has now been judicially deprived of the period 1794-1870 :

1794Wilhelm August Alexander V. The East

1797Franz Ludwig v.Kotteletzki1802Gustav Bourdo de la Lande

1803Ernst Ferdinand v.WaldowMoysius v.Walther and CronegkCarl v.Korytowski

1804Nicolaus v.KobierzykiMrs. V. The Goltz a.d.H. Apollo Werder, née Countess Schlieben

1805Stanislaus v.ZukowskiCharlotte Countess v.Dönhoff

1807Carl Rudolph Leopold Ignaz v.Kesslitz

1808Carl Gottlob Baron v.SeidlitzJohann Ludwig v.Wenckstern

1809Carl Ludwig v.WolffersdorffThaddeus v.KreckiMichael v.MalotkaJoseph v.RobakowskiCaroline v.CalenbergLuise v.HaackHans Wilhelm v.Bardeleben

1810Alexander v.SchweinitzCarl Ludwig v.Eichler

1811Joseph Carl v.MoellerJohann Caspar v.Zeddelmann

1812Heinrich Anton v.GloedenWerner Lüdicke v.Massow

1813Friedrich Leopold v.AuerCarl Eduard Alexander v.Thümen

1814N.N. v.CardelJoseph v.Grabla - Mscziszewski

1815Carl Moritz v.ZabeltitzGeorg Anton v.RohrN.N. v.Manstein

1816Joachim Ernst Friedrich Carl v.BoehnAugust Franz v.WobeserN.N. v.GanzkowN.N. v.Lipski

1817Friedrich Hermann Joseph v.GaudeckerErnst George Bernard v.ZettritzCarl v.Blomberg

1818Carl Moritz v.FrankenbergJohann v.SwiatzinskyCarl Friedrich Peter v.GenghofenAdam Friedrich Bernhard v.VogtTheodor v.BergerJuliane Auguste v.Kunowsky

1819Woman Watteroth born v.ZengeEduard v.LongCarl Heinrich Ludwig v.ObstfelderCarl v.LübtowFranz v.WengierskiTheodor v.WengierskiFriedrich Maximilian v.StojentinJohann V.MachMiachael v.ParaskiErnst Joseph v.NimptschLudwig Wilhelm v.Freital

1820Bernhardine Sophie Friederike v.AltrockTherese v.SpannerFriedrich Wilhelm Carl Leopold von LeszinskiAnna Amalie Justine v.RodaLudwig v.BollmannMartin v.RojewskiLudwig Leopold Joseph v.HamiltonFranz Heinrich v.ViettinghoffMatthias v.PiechowskiN.N. v.Orzechowski ( v.Orzechorowski )

1821Ferdinand v.HansteinFriedrich Wilhelm v.GenghofenAurelius v.BrzozowskiValentin v.Budziszewsky ( v.Busziszewski )N.N. v.PannewitzErnst Friedrich Heinrich v.BoseOtto Heinrich v.PuttkamerN.N. v.NicelliFriedrich Wilhelm v.HakeWilhelm Gustav v.NikischWoman v.Quernheim ( v.Quernheimb )N.N. v.Malokewski

1822Thaddeus v.ChwaliszewskyHermann Ludwig Ferdinand v.WoynaWilhelm Erdmann v.WinningMarten v.Wantoch - RekowskiCarl August v.L ` EstocqCarl v.FranskyFranz Friedrich Eduard v.BrzesckiN.N. v.Lezeski

1823Bonaventura v.ZuchowskyFriedrich Johann Adem Bonaventura v.KatzlerCasimir Adalbert v.Mieckowski ( v.Mieczkowski )v.SchaetzelCarl Ernst Ferdinand v.FaberJulius Ludwig Conrad Ernst v.WallenrodtN.N. v.Carnavalli

1824Ludwig Friedrich v.BillerbeckJohann Carl Wilhelm v.FronhoferFranz v.BelowTheodore Gabriel v.WendinskyAugust Moritz Carl v.FrankenbergCarl Friedrich Leopold v.EckEduard v.LümickWilhelm Heinrich v.PapeJohann v.ZoziennickiAnton v.Chondzinski 

1825Thomas v.WalickiAndreas Anton Joseph Baron . v.PlettenbergTraugott Heinrich Leopold v.HolyFerdinand v.ZastrowFriedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Erdmann v.ProbstMartin v.KoluctzkiAugust Wilhelm Constantn v.PapeJohann Ludwig v.EckFerdinand Szalghary v.SzalgerCarl Hermann Ferdinand v.Alten - BockumN.N. v.Wlodeck

1826Carl v.MeyerHenriette Sophie Friederike v.WobeserJoseph Adam Frhr.v.GruttschreiberJacob August v.Zimietzky ( v.Ziemetzky )Jacob Wnuck v.LipinskiFriedrich Wilhelm v.KahleMoritz v.CloudtFriedrich Wilhelm Heinrich v.KeveszeghyFranz v.Tempski

1827Ludwig v.SierakowskiCasimir v.KobyleckiAnton Frhr.v.StillfriedJohann Heinrich Eduard v.LynckenCarl August v.ZaleswkiViktoria v.GowinskaHeinrich Alexander v.Kamcke ( Kameke ? )Heinrich Reimerus v.TroßdorffHermann v.StempelAndreas Joachim Joseph v.PirchAdolph v.UsedomHipolyt v.GapskiHeinrich Eduard Leopold v.EckCarl Alexander Paul v.Angern

1828Friedrich v.SchubertJulius Wilhelm Albert v.DonatCarl Wilhelm v.KoehringFriedrich Wilhelm v.SteubenJohann Joseph v.Palczynski

1829Friedrich Wilhelm v.KoßRobert v.KalinowskiEmil Bernhard v.BismarckFranz v.RosenbergLuise Wilhelmine Henriette V.MachBalthasar Johann Wilhelm v.BergenFriedrich Carl Baron v.BohlenJohann v.LangendorffVincent v.EysmonttPeter v.KielpinskiJohann v.WichrowskiHeinrich Friedrich Albert Schimmelpfennig V. The OyeCarl Anton Friedrich v.PennavaireErnst Wilhelm Ludwig Schimmelpfennig V. The OyeCarl Friedrich Wilhelm v.PlothowFriedrich v.Kleinsorgen

1830Wilhelmine v.Ostau - LinskiCarl Heinrich v.WedellHeinrich Ludwig Alexander v.PelkowskiCarl Ludwig Daniel v.ChmielinskiAlbert Woyciech v.Zakrzewski

1831Robert v.BergerUlrike Sophie Friederike v.Levetzow ( v.Levezau )Friedrich v.HellfeldHermann v.AlvenslebenMagdalene v.FragsteinSimplicius v.Wyrzychowski ( v.Wyczichowski )Paul v.WilkansWilhelm August Ferdinand v.BrockeFriedrich August v.DeterTheophilus v.WalickiEduard v.KaczkowskiJosef v.SchrammJohann v.Szczypkowski ( v.Szozcpkowski )Hermann Georg Eduard v.WittenLouis William Tetzlaff v.WobeserLuwdig Wilhelm Christoph vom HagenIgnaz v.Laszenski ( v.Laszewski )Otto Ferdinand Jobst v.MellenthinFrederick William Franz v.RosbitzkiIgnatz Maximilian v.PruskiHugo Florian Bernhard Heinrich v.WilmsdorffStanislav Heinrich v. BorwitzFriedrich Wilhelm Heinrich v.MarquardtN.N. v.Werner

1832Ferdinand Szalghary v.SzalgerCarl Wilhelm v.WisselHeinrich v.WesternhagenAlbert Ignatz v.ZukowskyEduard Ernst Heinrich v.ZülowCarl v.König

1833George Ludwig Wilhelm Julius v.StojentinJulius Adolph Friedrich v.HartungFriedrich Wilhelm v.SchlemmerHeinrich Daniel Schimmelpfennig V. The OyeStanislaus v.RejerIgnatz v.WysickiLudwig v.HeydebrandtMoritz v.HirschCarl Friedrich Frhr.v.Buttler

1834Friedrich August Hermann Joseph v.GraevenitzPauline v.LeskaAdolph v.BlankenburgMartin v.Zoransky




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