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SOURCE: Location Threxton England
USAGE: Medieval English (Rare)
PRONOUNCED: Like Three the name is Threston

The surname of Threston is English in origin, and, can be traced as far back as the 11th century where the name is found in the "Domesday Book."  It is an extremely rare and old surname in the 21st Century and the extensive research undertaken for this project has proven challenging at times. However, the evidence, supporting evidence, and, hard evidence shows that those bearing the Threston or Thresten or Threxton or Thraxton surnames are the true family bloodline of which trace back to the surname of "de Thurstanston" or "de Thurstaston" and "Threston" and "de Therston" or "de Threston" or "de Threton" (and their closest spelling variations.)1  The variations below are allowed and included in this research project due to a variety of factors that are explained below by Amy Lynn, Ph.D.

"The reason it is significant to bring the Threston name forward as the true root of this family's genealogy is to show that the family was of nobility class until the reign of King Henry VIII and the Reformation when the Threston family, and, many other family's did not convert to Protestantism and were stripped of their land, money and titles.  Most documents of the time were hidden or destroyed to help cause a great divide between Protestants and Catholics.  Even today many Protestant families refuse to concede that their Catholic cousins and relations are part of the true nobility class of England (even with hard evidence proof in hand.)  These families (all effected families, not just the Threston family) have the right to take their place in History so that the true story of the past can be told and not just select bits and pieces. 

There are certain groups in the 21st Century such as the famous "Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage" who continue to ignore hard and supporting evidence showing (Catholic) families (such as the Threston family) deserve their rightful place in the elite book.  And, therefore, those less educated and not in the know continue to believe such families are either making up their own history or outright lying in order to gain the deserved recognition.  This simply isn't true, and, only reflects the ignorance and arrogance of those refusing to believe it is possible.

Therefore, I encourage all families who can provide evidence, supporting evidence and hard evidence to present their cases to the Encyclopedias, books and clubs such as 'Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage'  and let the real history tell the whole story."

Amy Lynn, Ph.D.
Professional Genealogist (English/British history with a concentration on the Protestant reformation)

1 An example of the supporting evidence that Threston is part of the true root of the name name is demonstrated in Canterbury and York series - Volume 47 - page 656 where it clearly shows that Threston/Treston is a variation of Threxton.  The town of Threxton can be seen on the following map: http://www.itraveluk.co.uk/maps/england/8997/norfolk/threxton.html

The name Threston is a variation of the names of the towns of Threxton, Norfolk, UK, and, Thurstaston, UK (a village on the Wirral Peninsula, England. It is part of the West Kirby & Thurstaston Ward of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral). and, there are several variations of the names Threxton and Thurstaston including:
  • Threston
  • Thresten
  • Thriston
  • de Therston
  • de Threston
  • de Threton
  • de Thriston
  • de Thurstanston
  • de Thrustan
  • de Thurston
  • Tharston
  • Thraston
  • Threton
  • Threxton
  • Thirston
  • Thriston
  • Throston
  • Treston
  • Traxon
  • Traxton
  • Thackston
  • Thrackston
  • Thruston
  • Thurston
  • Thrustons

During the Middle Ages it was very common to take the town where one lived as your surname.  For example, John of Threxton became John Threxton.  And, due to the use of Latin, French and Middle English plus poor literacy rates and often illegible handwritten documents through the end of the 19th century, spellings of Threxton became corrupted into the known variations found above.  

Quoted directly from Wikipedia

"Thurstaston means "village of a man called Thorsteinn / Þorsteinn", from the Old Norse personal name Thorsteinn / Þorsteinn and Old English tún "farm, village". A record of the name as Torstestiune in 1048 proves this origin. The village was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Turstanetone. Historically and popularly, the name was wrongly thought to refer to "Thor's Stone", a sandstone outcrop on Thurstaston Common."

It is easy to see how "Thor's Stone" would be corrupted over the years as explained above and eventually turn into Threston.

The Threston family was ennobled and granted a coat of arms sometime between 1100 and 1300 AD.


Threston Coat of Arms

Threston Coat of Arms  The Threston family (and some family members with name variations) were ennobled and granted of coat of arms.      Blazon of Arms: Gules, an ostrich argent     Translation - Gules (red) denotes fortitude     Crest - An ostrich as in the arms     Origin: England  Sources:      FindMyPast.com     Society of Genealogists

The Threston family (and some family members with name variations) were ennobled and granted of coat of arms.

  • Blazon of Arms: Gules*, an ostrich argent
  • Translation - Gules* (red) denotes fortitude
  • Crest - An ostrich+ as in the arms
  • Origin: England
*Red (Gules) Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity
+Ostrich/Ostrich plumes = Willing obedience and serenity


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Supporting Materials

  1. Daily Life In Tutor England by Tim Lambert http://www.localhistories.org/tudor.html (Used as a reference for life and lifestyles in the 16th Century)

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