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The following are a selection of articles, reports, or studies about the Railroad industry and its workers:
* Also, check out the Glossary of Railroad Lingo from "Railroad Avenue", by Freeman H. Hubbard, 1945


National Rail Plan [Excerpts]

In the United States today, two distinctly different rail systems exist: freight railroads and passenger railroads.
  • Freight railroads are privately owned and operated; they are in business to make a profit for their stockholders.
  • Passenger railroads are publicly subsidized by taxpayers; they provide a public service by offering a safe and environmentally friendly travel option.
  • Investment in higher quality rail service will attract an increasing share of business from shippers and from traveling passengers.
  • Industry and government, working together, must develop and harness new technologies to further improve rail safety, productivity, and performance.

* See National Rail Plan

US Freight Rail and Our Future

* Visit the U.S. Government's official Data.Gov web site. It contains extensive data sets on railroad workers, accidents, etc. -  all available online.

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