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  • AFLCIONow - Selected railroad and union news and links to numerous related blogging sites.
  • America's Future - Blogging site about the American Dream and the future of America.
  • American Rails - This web site provides information on the history of America's railroads and blogs about trains and many related topics.
  • LaborNotes - A network of concerned rank-and-file members, local union leaders, and labor activists writing and blogging about the rail labor movement.
  • MoveAmerica - A blog by the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department.
  • Railroad Examiner - A blog about the history of America's railroads and related rail issues and activities in the news.
  • Railroad & Rail Worker - A blog primarily focused on the history of US Railroads and Railroad Unions.
  • Teamsters BlogWatch - The International Brotherhood of Teamsters official blogging web site.
  • Trains Magazine - A wide variety of blogs about trains and the railroad industry.
* Reminder - Check out the COSI blogging site on America's Future and the Continuing Debate about "Our Future".

Railroads in the 21st Century

Railroads companies have now become total transportation companies. Beginning in 2000, the large Class I railroads began entering into strategic partnerships with other international carriers to grow further into international markets. 

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