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Gender/Age: Boys, Girls, Men, Women

Kinships: Daughters, Daughters-in-Law, Fathers, Granddaughters, Mothers, Nieces, Sisters, Stepdaughters

Health: Dementia, Disability, Patients, Unconsciousness

Profession: Nuns, Prostitutes, Servants , Students

Social Status: Prisoners, Slaves

Non-Human: Animals, Fabulous Creatures, Gods

Others: Abduction, Captivity

Consequences: Abortion, Blaming, Emergency Contraception, Homicide, Marriage, Pregnancy, Rape Children, Resilience, Shame, Stigmatization, Trauma, Venereal Diseases

Reactions: Reconciliation, Revenge, Silence, Suicide

Punishments: Death Penalty

Narratives: First-Person Narratives, Narrative Studies

Australian History

[Info] Barber, Ross N. Rape and Other Sexual Offences in Queensland: An Historical and Behavioural Analysis. M.A. Thesis, University of Queensland, 1970.