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Anal Rape, Animal Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape, Campus Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Child Prostitution, Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sexual Abuse, "Comfort Women", "Corrective Rape", Date Rape, "Demonic Rape", Elder Sexual Abuse, Femicide, Forced Marriage, Forced Prostitution, Gang Rape, Genocidal Rape, Incestual Rape, Instrumental Rape, Interracial Rape, Lust Murder, Marital Rape, Prison Rape, Same-Sex Rape, Serial Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Torture, Slave Rape, Statutory Rape, Wartime Rape, Workplace Sexual Violence


Gender/Age: Boys, Men, WomenKinship: Brothers, Couples, Cousins, Fathers, Fathers-in-Law, Grandfathers, Mothers, Sons, Stepfathers, UnclesHealth: Alcohol, Mental Disorder, Mentally DisabledProfession: Medical Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Monks, Police Officers, Priests, Prison Guards, Soldiers, Teachers, UN PersonnelSocial Status: Prisoners, Slave Masters, SlavesNon-Human: Aliens, Animals, GodsNarratives: First-Person NarrativesPunishments: Punishments, Castration, Death Penalty, Fines, Lynching, Marriage, PrisonOther Consequences: Homicide, Recidivism


Gender/Age: Boys, Girls, Men, WomenKinship: Daughters, Daughters-in-Law, Granddaughters, Mothers, Nieces, Sisters, StepdaughtersHealth: Dementia, Disability, Patients, UnconsciousnessProfession: Nuns, Prostitutes, Servants, StudentsSocial Status: Prisoners, SlavesNon-Human: Animals, Fabulous Creatures, GodsOthers: Abduction, CaptivityConsequences: Abortion | Blaming | Emergency Contraception | Homicide | Marriage, Pregnancy, Rape Children, Resilience, Shame, Stigmatization, Trauma, Venereal DiseasesReactions: Reconciliation, Revenge, Silence, SuicidePunishments: Death PenaltyNarratives: First-Person Narratives, Narrative Studies

Society: Institutions and Organizations: Associations, Commissions, Museums, Political Parties, Rape Crisis Centers | Movements: Anti-Pornography Movement, Anti-Rape Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Pedophile Movement, Rape Reform Movement, Redress Movements, Women's Movement | Rape Culture: Moral Panics, Rape Myths

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