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Interviewer: Annie Sapucaia – Interviewee: Michael Salter

Title: Organised Sexual Abuse

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Program: New Books in Sociology

Channel: New Books Network

Date: May 7, 2014

Duration: 49:47 min.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Australian History | Types: Child Sexual Abuse

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Interviewee: Michael Salter, Social Sciences and Psychology, University of Western

Book: Salter, Michael. Organised Sexual Abuse New York 2013.

Description: »Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how certain types of violence can occur, and organized multi-perpetrator abuse certainly fits into this category. Ritual abuse, sadistic abuse and pedophilia rings are often things we see in episodes of “Law and Order,” without having to think of the reality of the victims that actually experience this type of cruelty. In Organised Sexual Abuse (Routledge, 2013), Michael Salter attempts to bring to light this often-hidden and seldom-believed type of crime. He describes his own experience being the caretaker of someone who was continuously abused and harassed well into adulthood, including his attempts to reach out to law enforcement and hospital workers, most of whom had trouble believing that this kind of abuse was actually taking place. He also describes the “false memory” movement started in the 1980s, in which perpetrators pushed the theory that childhood memories of abuse were often made up and suggested by psychologists and social workers (a theory since been proven false). Salter also talks about the connection between views of hypermasculinity and abuse, and the ways in which violence is often a “collective masculine performance.” Through in-depth qualitative research, Salter takes us into a horrifying journey of a reality that we cannot afford to ignore.« (Source: New Books Network)

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