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Speaker: Betina Clara Riva

Title: "Quien puede querer, quiso?"

Subtitle: El consentimiento sexual como problema en el tratamiento judicial de los delitos sexuales, Bs. As. 1863-1921

Conference: IV Jornadas Nacionales de Historia Social, II Encuentro de la Red Internacional de Historia Social (May 13-15, 2013)

Place: La Falda, Argentina

Date: May 2013

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 19th Century, 20th Century | American History: Argentine History



* (Free Access)

* Memoria Académica: Repositorio Institucional de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Free Access)



Abstract: »On the last few years, sex crimes have become on an object of concern for society; this was reinforces by the new ways of thinking and living human relationships inter and intra gender-s and particularly of sexual choices. On this work I try to debate some of the questions that makes to the problem of defining the socio-legal and the comprehension of "consent" on the specific context of the judicial files related to sex crimes on the Buenos Aires Province between 1863 and 1921, taking into account the importance that this concept has to the definition of sex crimes as such. I'll also take into account some writings of the time which allows to know the circulation of ideas on the specific scope of law and forensic medicine. At the same time, I attempt to put on tension the social and cultural ideas that appear reflected on sources about what it is, how it is given and how can it be said that an effective consent to sexual relationship was given. I'll try to bring into play the subjectivities of the participants on the process. I'll highlight the centrality of this situation on the process to define a victim as well as to characterize the acussed man«. (Source: Memoria Académica)

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