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Speaker: Gael Montgomery

Title: Tasso's Reaction Against Sexual Violence

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Conference: 57th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America

Place: Montreal, Canada

Date: March 25, 2011

Language: English

Keywords: 16th Century | Italian History | Representations: Literature / Torquato Tasso

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Speaker: Gael Montgomery, Department of French & Italian, Miami University


»In many ways, we can read Tasso's Gerusalemme liberata as a rewriting of Ariosto's Orlando furioso. This is particularly true regarding depictions of sexual violence and female sexuality.
Sexual violence against women is a traditional component of romance storytelling; aborted rape often serves as a pretext for a male protagonist to show his knightly prowess and virtue while it offers sexual titillation to the reader. In Orlando Furioso, sexual violence becomes endemic, perpetrated even by ostensible heroes while at the same time it remains romanticized.
In Gerusalemme liberata, however, acts of sexual aggression are remarkably infrequent; when he allows them to occur, Tasso depicts these acts as terrifying, damaging, and even deadly to women. Tasso also shows safety and lack of constraint or coercion to be essential to the expression of female sexuality. These radical revisions have not received the attention they merit.« (Source: All Academic Research)

Wikipedia: Torquato Tasso: Jerusalem Delivered

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