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Speakers: Philipp Kuwert, Diana Kunitz, Marie Kaiser, and Heide Glaesmer

Title: Subjective Identity aspects in former German Children Born of World War II

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Conference: Interdisciplinary perspectives on Children Born of War – from World War II to current conflict settings (June 4-5, 2015). Symposium 3: Identity Issues in Children Born of War

Place: Conference Center of Schloss Herrenhause, Hannover, Germany

Date: June 5, 2015

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | German History | Types: Wartime Rape / Second World War; Victims: Rape Children


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Heide Glaesmer, Abteilung für Medizinische Psychologie und Medizinische Soziologie (Department of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology), Universität Leipzig (University of Leipzig)

Philipp Kuwert, Klinik und Poliklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy), Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald (Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald)


»Background: Children Born of War (CBOW) grew up in an ambivalent societal atmosphere between acceptance and rejection. The German CBOW were mostly socialised in absence of their biological fathers. Despite the historical work on German CBOW, there is a lack of psychosocial studies focusing on subjective identity in this particular group.
Methods: 146 German CBOW were investigated with a comprehensive questionnaire, including items concerning their identity development, current subjective identity and the subjective importance of knowing the biographical background of their father, in 2013.
Results and Discussion: The presentation shows qualitative and quantitative analyses of identity aspects. Subgroups such as children of Russian vs. West Allied soldiers, children born of relationships vs. children born of rape, and others, will be compared.« (Source: Conference Programme)

Wikipedia: Wartime sexual violence: World War II