James 2012 Rape

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Speaker: Sharon L(ynn) James (presented in absentia, by proxy)

Title: Rethinking Rape in Menander's Comedy and Athenian Life

Subtitle: Modern Comparative Evidence

Conference: Menander in Contexts (July 23-25, 2012)

Place: University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Date: July 23, 2012

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient Greece | Representations: Literature / Menander

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Speaker: Sharon L. James, Department of Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Publication: James, Sharon L. »Reconsidering Rape in Menander's Comedy and Athenian Life: Modern Comparative Evidence.« Menander in Context. Edited by Alan H. Sommerstein. New York 2014: 24-39.

Wikipedia: Menander

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