Irvine 1995 Castration

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Speaker: Martin Irvine

Title: The Pen(is), Castration, and Identity

Subtitle: Abelard's Negotiations of Gender

Conference: Cultural Frictions: Medieval Studies in Postmodern Contexts (October 27-28, 1995)

Place: Washington, D.C.

Date: October 1995

Language: English

Keywords: 12th Century | French History | Offenders: Punishments / Castration

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Speaker: Martin Irvine, Communication, Culture & Technology Program, Georgetown University

Publication: Irvine, Martin. »The Pen(is), Castration, and Identity: Abelard's Negotiations of Gender.« Cultural Frictions: Medieval Studies in Postmodern Contexts. Conference Proceedings. Washington, D.C. 1995.

Wikipedia: Peter Abelard

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