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Speaker: An Goris

Title: Rape as Trope in the Work of Nora Roberts

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Conference: Third Annual International Conference on Popular Romance: Can’t Buy Me Love? Sex, Money, Power, and Romance (June 26-28, 2011)

Session: Formula/Convention/Archetype: Narrative Construction of Romance Fiction

Place: New York City, New York, United States

Date: June 26, 2011

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Representations: Literary Texts / Nora Roberts


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Speaker: An Goris, Faculty of Law, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven) –

Abstract: »This paper analyzes the representation of rape in the oeuvre of Nora Roberts and contrasts it with the claims Janice Radway (1984) makes about rape in romance novels. It argues that Roberts’ representation of rape as a horrific, traumatizing act that can never be part of the romance courtship differs in fundamental ways from the one Radway assumes to be typical of the popular romance novel. This difference, the paper suggests, points towards important shifts in both the practices of the popular romance genre and the scholarly study thereof.« (Source: Website of the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance)

Wikipedia: History of the Americas: History of the United States | Literature: American literature | 20th-century American writers: Nora Roberts