Feinstein 2013 Rape

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Speaker: Rachel Feinstein

Title: Sexual Violence and Intersectionality

Subtitle: The Rape of Black Women by White Men

Conference: 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association: Interrogating Inequality: Linking Micro and Macro (August 10-13, 2013)

Place: New York, United States

Date: August 10, 2013

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century, 20th Century, 21st Century | U.S. History | Types: Interracial Rape

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Abstract: »The purpose of this research is to investigate the gendered and racialized contexts in which interracial rape of black women by white men occurred during three time periods: Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, and present-day. Previous scholars have analyzed the contexts in which women are more prone to rape; however, past analyses have focused solely on gender, sexism, and patriarchy leaving factors like race and racism out of the analysis. This study will contribute to the conceptualization of the contexts in which interracial rape of black women by white men occurs by bringing in an analysis of the racial structure as part of the context in which sexual violence occurs. Determining patterns in the contexts of interracial rape incidents in Slavery, Jim Crow, and present day will act as a case-study for analyzing the larger phenomenon of systemic racialized and gendered violence and the role of this violence in shaping racial categories and institutions. To fill this gap in the literature, original sources including diaries, slave narratives, court cases, and data from the United States Census Bureau will be analyzed when available and relevant from the later parts of Slavery (1800-1865), Jim Crow Segregation (1890-1965), and the present day (2008-2012). The case-study should lead to the development of a theoretical framework for categorizing the contexts in which women of color are most at risk for experiencing interracial rape, which may apply to other systemically oppressed groups as well.« (Source: All Academic)

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