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Speaker: Marilyn Booth

Title: Un/safe/ly at Home

Subtitle: Narratives of Sexual Coercion in 1920s Egypt

Conference: 13th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women: Sin Fronteras: Women's Histories, Global Conversations (June 2-5, 2005)

Place: Scripps College, Claremont, California, United States

Date: June 2005

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | African History: Egyptian History | Representations: Literary Texts / Zaynab Muhammad, Muhammad Ahmad Yusuf


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Speaker: Marilyn Booth, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of OxfordWikipedia

Publication: Booth, Marilyn. »Un/safe/ly at Home: Narratives of Sexual Coercion in 1920s Egypt.« Gender & History 16 (2004): 744-768. – Bibliographic Entry: Info

Wikipedia: History of Africa: History of Egypt / Sultanate of Egypt, Kingdom of Egypt | Literature: Egyptian literature