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Speaker: Kristin A. Bell

Title: The Phenomenon of Sexual Violence in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

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Conference: 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology: Expanding the Core: Neglected Crimes, Groups, Causes and Policy Approaches (November 20-23, 2013)

Session: Problems and Prospects for Implementing International Crime Control Efforts and Standards

Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Date: November 20, 2013

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | African History: Rwandan History | Types: Genocidal Rape / Rwandan Genocide


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Abstract: »The Rwandan genocide represents the first time that an international tribunal recognized rape as an act of genocide in international law. This was accomplished by subsuming sexual violence under existing acts in the UN Genocide Convention, including “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of a group” and “taking measures to prevent births within a group”. However, law is a discourse, and like other discourses, it is limiting in that it asserts some meanings and silences others. This study performs a qualitative analysis of interviews with survivors of the Rwandan genocide to examine sexual violence as genocide “outside of the law”. Rather than beginning with the legal framework of sexual violence as genocide, I proceed inductively to identify themes regarding sexual violence within survivor narratives. A sample of 75 interviews with survivors of the Rwandan genocide were obtained from the Kigali Memorial Center in Kigali, Rwanda and used for this analysis. This presentation will provide a preliminary analysis of themes, as well as descriptive information regarding the extent to which sexual violence is discussed by this sample of survivors.« (Source: All Academic)

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