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Prosecution: Laws: Legislation / Age-of-Consent Laws, International Law, Islamic Law; Courts: Trials

Cases: Real Cases: Real Incidents, Real Offenders, Real Victims

Types: Anal Rape, Attempted Rape, Campus Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Child Prostitution, Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sexual Abuse, "Corrective Rape", Date Rape, Elder Sexual Abuse, Femicide, Forced Marriage, Forced Prostitution, Gang Rape, Genocidal Rape, Instrumental Rape, Interracial Sexual Abuse, Lust Murder, Marital Rape, Prison Rape, Rape, Rape by Proxy, Same-Sex Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, State Terrorism, Statutory Rape, Wartime Sexual Violence, Workplace Sexual Violene

Society: Movements: Women's Movement

Representations: Textual: Literary Texts, Press Song Texts; Visual: Art, Comics, Films, Musical Theatre, Photography, Television

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