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Author: Helena Zlotnick Sivan (= Hagith Sivan)

Title: The Rape of Cozbi (Numbers XXV)

Subtitle: -

Journal: Vetus Testamentum: A quarterly published by the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament

Volume: 51

Issue: 1

Year: January 2001

Pages: 69-80

ISSN: 0042-4935 – Find a Library: WordCat | ISSN: 1568-5330 – Find a Library: WordCat


Keywords: Cases: Offenders / Phineas; Cases: Victims / Cozbi; Representations: Biblical Texts / Book of Numbers



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Author: Hagith Sivan, Department of History, University of Kansas

Abstract: »In the brief narrative featuring the execution of Cozbi the Midianite and of Zimri the Shimonite more is omitted than said. Reconstructed here as a rape, deliberately cast so as to invoke souvenirs of Gen. xxxiv and the tale of Dinah, Num. xxv 6-18 is best understood when compared with Roman foundational myths and particularly with the so-called 'rape of Lucretia'. In both, a strictly speaking family avair is turned into a matter of 'national' concern engineered to induce a far reaching change into the notions of what constitutes 'private' and 'public' and what makes a Jew a Jew and a Roman a Roman.« (Source: Vetus Testamentum)


  Why not marry a Midianite? (p. 69)
  Foundation Murders and Rapes (p. 75)
  Conclusion (p. 80)
  Abstract (p. 80)

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