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Author: Cong Ellen Zhang

Title: Anecdotal Writing on Illicit Sex in Song China (960-1279)

Subtitle: -

Journal: Journal of the History of Sexuality

Volume: 22

Issue: 2

Year: May 2013

Pages: 253-280

ISSN: 1043-4070 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1535-3605 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval History: 10th Century, 11th Century, 12th Century, 13th Century | Asian History: Chinese History



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Author: Cong Ellen Zhang, Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia

Abstract: »The article critiques the book "Yi jian zhi," or "Record of the Listener," compiled by scholar and official Hong Mai, focusing on representations of hejian, or consensual illicit sexual intercourse. It regards the work is an example of biji, or miscellaneous notes, from Song era China. The author comments on the sexual relations of commoners, servants, elites, and Buddhist and Daoist monks. Themes explored include female sexuality, gossip, and karmic retribution.« (Source: Historical Abstracts)


  Types of Illicit Sexual Relationships (p. 258)
    Illicit Sex between Elite Men and Women of Commoner Status (p. 258)
    Illicit Sex between Commoners and between Commoners and People of Servitude Status (p. 260)
    Illicit Sex Involving Buddhist and Daoist Monks (p. 263)
  The Language of Illicit Relations (p. 265)
  The Licentious and the Greedy: Illicit Sex and Female Sexuality (p. 267)
  Neighborhood Gossip, Karmic Retribution, and the Law: Means of Controlling Sexual Behavior (p. 269)
    The Role of Neighborhood Gossip (p. 270)
    The Law and Illicit Sexual Relations (p. 272)
    Karmic Retribution as Punishment (p. 275)
  Glossary (p. 279)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of China / Song dynasty