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Editors: Hilmi M. Zawati and Ibtisam M. Mahmoud

Title: A Selected Socio-Legal Bibliography on Ethnic Cleansing, Wartime Rape, and Genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

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Place: Lewiston, NY

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

Year: 2004

Pages: x + 587pp.

ISBN-10: 0773462600 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

ISBN-13: 9780773462601 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | African History: Rwandan History; European History: Bosnian History, Types: Genocidal Rape / Rwandan Genocide; Types: Wartime Sexual Violence / Bosnian War


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  Notes on the pronunciation of the Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets (p. i)
  Preface (p. v)
  Acknowledgements (p. ix)
  Introduction (p. 1)
  Books (p. 5)
    Books (p. 5)
    Collections of essays (p. 45)
    Encyclopaedia articles (p. 120)
  Articles in journals (p. 121)
  Entries in other languages (p. 189)
    Arabic (p. 189)
    Bulgarian (p. 189)
    Danish (p. 189)
    Dutch (p. 190)
    French (p. 190)
    German (p. 197)
    Hungarian (p. 201)
    Italian (p. 203)
    Norwegian (p. 203)
    Serbo-Croatian (p. 204)
    Spanish (p. 216)
    Turkish (p. 216)
  International materials (p. 217)
    Treaties, conventions, and agreements (p. 217)
      International (p. 217)
      Regional (p. 224)
    United Nations documents (p. 229)
      General Assemby (p. 229)
      Reports (p. 229)
      Secretary-General's reports and notes (p. 229)
      Other reports (p. 231)
      Resolutions (p. 232)
      Security Council (p. 236)
      Presidential statements (p. 236)
      Resolutions (p. 241)
      Reports (p. 261)
      Economic and Social Council (p. 268)
      Resolutions (p. 268)
      Sessional decisions (p. 268)
      Sessional reports (p. 269)
      UN Commission on Human Rights reports (p. 270)
      The International Court of Justice (ICJ) (p. 279)
      Applications (p. 279)
      Press releases (p. 279)
      The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) (p. 281)
      Annual reports (p. 281)
      Agreements (p. 282)
      Bulletin articles (p. 282)
      General reports (p. 282)
      Press releases (p. 282)
      Rules and codes (p. 283)
      The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) (p. 284)
      Annual reports (p. 284)
      Bilateral agreements (p. 284)
      Fact sheets (p. 284)
      Press releases (p. 285)
      Statements (p. 286)
      Reports by other UN commissions and organizations (p. 286)
      High Commissioner for Human Rights Field Operation in Rwanda (p. 286)
      UN Children's Fund (p. 287)
      UN Commission on the Status of Women (p. 287)
      UN Division for the Advancement of Women (p. 287)
      UN Fourth World Conference on Women (p. 288)
      UN High Commissioner for Refugees (p. 288)
      UN Population Fund (p. 288)
    Other international organizations (p. 289)
      Council of Europe (EC) (p. 289)
      North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (p. 289)
      NATO fact sheets (p. 289)
      NATO historical reviews (p. 289)
      NATO press releases (p. 289)
      NATO review (p. 290)
      NATO speeches (p. 290)
      Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) (p. 290)
      Organization of African Unity (OAU) (p. 290)
      Organization of American States (OAS) (p. 290)
      Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) (p. 290)
  National agreements, decisions, declarations, and legislations (p. 293)
    Belgium (p. 293)
    Canada (p. 293)
    Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (p. 293)
    Republic of Albania (p. 293)
    Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (p. 294)
    Republic of Croatia (p. 295)
    Republic of Kosovo (p. 295)
    Republic of Rwanda (p. 295)
    Republic of Serbia (p. 296)
    Republic of Turkey (p. 297)
    United States of America (p. 297)
  Cases (p. 299)
    International (p. 299)
      International Court of Justice (ICJ) (p. 299)
      Judgements (p. 299)
      Declarations and opinions (p. 299)
      Declarations (p. 299)
      Opinions (p. 300)
      Orders (p. 301)
      Special international tribunals (p. 304)
      The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) (p. 304)
      Decisions (p. 304)
      Orders and warrants (p. 304)
      Indictments and proceedings (p. 306)
      Judgements (p. 312)
      The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) (p. 315)
      Decisions (p. 315)
      Indictments (p. 315)
      Judgements and sentences (p. 316)
      Other special tribunals (p. 317)
      The Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina (p. 317)
      Arbitral tribunals (p. 317)
      Arbitral Tribunal of the Council of Europe (p. 317)
      Arbitration Commission of the European Community (p. 317)
      The Brcko Arbitral Tribunal (p. 318)
      OSCE Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (p. 318)
      UN commissions (p. 318)
      UN Committee against Torture (p. 318)
    Regional cases (p. 318)
      Communications under the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (p. 318)
      European Court of Human Rights (p. 319)
    National and universal jurisdiction (p. 319)
      Argentina (p. 319)
      Australia (p. 319)
      Austria (p. 320)
      Belgium (p. 320)
      Bosnia and Herzegovina (p. 320)
      Canada (p. 321)
      Croatia (p. 326)
      Denmark (p. 326)
      Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (p. 326)
      France (p. 326)
      Germany (p. 326)
      Netherlands (p. 327)
      Switzerland (p. 327)
      United Kingdom (p. 328)
      United States (p. 328)
  Governmental documents (p. 331)
    Canada (p. 331)
      Canada government documents (p. 331)
      Canada parliamentary papers (p. 332)
    European Union (p. 332)
    Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (p. 333)
    France (p. 335)
    North Atlantic Council (p. 335)
    Republic of Albania (p. 335)
    Republic of Bonia-Herzegovina (p. 336)
    Republic of Croatia (p. 337)
    Republic of Kosovo (p. 337)
    Republic of Rwanda (p. 338)
    Republic of Serbia (p. 338)
    Russian Federation (p. 338)
    United States of America (p. 339)
      CSCE (p. 339)
      House of Representatives (p. 340)
      The Senate (p. 342)
      US Government reports (p. 344)
  Non-governmental organizations' documents
    African rights (p. 347)
      Books (p. 347)
      Reports (p. 347)
      Journal witness to genocide (p. 348)
      Discussion papers (p. 349)
    Amnesty International (p. 349)
      Annual reports (p. 349)
      General reports (p. 350)
      News releases (p. 351)
      Women's action (p. 353)
    Bosnian Institute (p. 353)
    Cato Institute (p. 356)
    The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (p. 356)
      Reproductive freedom news (p. 356)
      Books and reports (p. 357)
      Shadow reports (p. 357)
    Human Rights Watch (p. 357)
      Reports (p. 357)
      Annual reports (p. 357)
      Books (p. 358)
      General reports (p. 358)
      Backgrounder (p. 361)
      Campaigns (p. 361)
      Kosovo flashes (p. 361)
      Press releases (p. 364)
    Humanitarian Aid Medical Development (HMD (p. 365)
    Humanitarian Law Center (p. 365)
      Books (p. 365)
      Press releases (p. 365)
    International Crisis Group (p. 366)
    International Federation of Human Rights League (p. 366)
    International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (p. 367)
      Reports (p. 367)
    International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (p. 367)
      Books (p. 367)
    Institute for War and Peace Reporting (p. 367)
      General electronic reports (p. 367)
      Balkan crisis report (p. 367)
      Tribunal update (p. 368)
      War report (p. 393)
      Special reports (p. 393)
    Kosovo Crisis Center (p. 393)
      Studies (p. 394)
      Documents (p. 394)
      Kosovo Crisis Center news (p. 394)
    Minority Rights Group International (p. 394)
    Physicians for Human Rights (p. 394)
      Books (p. 395)
      Testimonies (p. 395)
      Press releases (p. 395)
    Rights and Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development) (p. 395)
      Reports and studies (p. 395)
      News releases (p. 396)
      Newsletter articles (p. 396)
      Memorandums and statements (p. 397)
    Steering Committee of the Joint Evaluation of Emergency Assistance to Rwanda (p. 398)
    US Institute of Peace (p. 398)
      Books (p. 398)
      Reports (p. 398)
    Women Living under Muslim Laws (p. 399)
      Books (p. 399)
      Compilation of information (p. 399)
    Working Group on Engendering the Rwandan Criminal Tribunal (p. 399)
      Report (p. 399)
      Amicus curiae brief (p. 399)
    Other NGOs (p. 399)
      Africa Direct (p. 399)
      Antiwar (p. 400)
      The Balkan Institute (p. 400)
      Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict (p. 400)
      Center for Constitutional Rights (p. 400)
      Chr. Michelsen Institute (p. 400)
      Eurasia News (p. 400)
      International Centre for Migration Policy Development (p. 400)
      International Human Rights Law Group (p. 400)
      International Women's Human Rights Clinic (p. 400)
      Kosovo Crisis Center (p. 400)
      The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (p. 401)
      Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (p. 401)
      No Peace without Justice (p. 401)
      Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (p. 401)
      Thomas J. Watson Institute for International Studies (p. 401)
      Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children (p. 401)
      Women's Health Project (p. 401)
  Professional associations' documents (p. 403)
    American Bar Association (p. 403)
    American Society of International Law (p. 403)
    Association of Philosophers and Sociologists of Kosova (p. 403)
    The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (p. 403)
  Other sources (p. 405)
    Audio visual material (p. 405)
    Book reviews (p. 423)
    Addresses and papers delivered at conferences, invited lectures and term papers (p. 429)
      Addresses and papers delivered at conferences (p. 430)
      Invited lectures and statements (p. 441)
      Term papers (p. 446)
    Electronic media (p. 446)
      CD-ROM (p. 446)
      Relevant links (p. 447)
      Web documents (p. 454)
      Email discussion lists materials (p. 459)
      Bosnet-digest (p. 459)
      Justwatch (p. 460)
      Twatch (p. 463)
    Letters (p. 464)
    Magazines (p. 479)
    Newspapers (p. 511)
    Press conferences (p. 528)
    Press releases (p. 529)
    News Agencies (p. 530)
      Agence France Presse (p. 530)
      Agence Hirondelle (p. 531)
      The Associated Press (p. 532)
      Reuters (p. 533)
    Interviews (p. 534)
    Published proceedings (p. 536)
    Dissertations (p. 549)
  Acronyms (p. 555)
  Author/editor index (p. 557)

Description: »The aim of this bibliography, comprising more than 6,000 entries, is to facilitate and promote the research and writing of legal scholars, students and human rights activists in the fields of ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during national and international armed conflicts. It provides an overview of carefully selected socio-legal materials published in English and other European languages on ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during armed conflict in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. This timely project, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, has a great deal of interest to academics and those who are active in conflict/dispute settlement efforts in war-torn areas of the world.
The entire bibliography is alphabetically organized and sequentially numbered. Entries are arranged by format under eleven main headings, with each heading divided into different sub-headings. Books, collections of essays, periodical articles, addresses, interviews, proceedings, dissertations, and manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the family name of the author/editor. Encyclopedia articles, treaties, national agreements, decisions, declarations, and legislations, government documents, NGO documents, professional associations’ documents, audio-visual materials, and press releases are organized alphabetically by the first letter of the document’s title. In some cases, particularly for United Nations documents, entries are arranged in chronological order.
To facilitate searching this bibliography, all material is organized in a detailed table of contents, and an author/editor index is provided at the end of the volume. This index is arranged according to the alphabetical order of the author/ editor’s last name and refers to the number of each entry listed under that name in the body of the bibliography.« (Source: Edward Mellen Press)

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