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Author: Maria Paola Zanoboni

Title: "O ribaldo Prevosto..."

Subtitle: Pedofilia nella Milano quattrocentesca

Journal: Archivio Storico Lombardo: Giornale della Società Storica Lombarda

Volume: 124-125 (Serie XII, Volume V)

Issue: -

Year: 1998-99

Pages: 535-543

ISSN: 0392-0232 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Italian

Keywords: Medieval History: 15th Century | European History: Italian History | Types: Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sexual Abuse


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Abstract: »Evidence for pedophilia in the Middle Ages is scarce before the fifteenth century; the evidence from Milan is scattered but the surviving material includes complaints about violent assaults on children, some done by clerics; in an appendix the author presents the Latin text of documents from a notary in 1469 dealing with apparent cases of pedophilia.« (Source: Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index)

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