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Author: Andrea Zamaro Garrao

Title: La mujer como sujeto de la violencia de género durante la dictadura militar chilena

Subtitle: Apuntes para una reflexión

Journal: Nuevo Mundo - Mundos Nuevos

Volume: -

Issue: -

Year: March 13, 2008

Pages: -

eISSN: 1626-0252 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: Spanish

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: Chilean History


Link: Nuevo Mundo - Mundos Nuevos (Free Access)


Author: ResearchGate

Abstract: »This article is the result of a research on the specificificity of methods of torture and punishment to which female political prisoners were subjected to during the period of military dictatorship in Chile. These methods intended to re-establish a patriarchal and traditional social order and to discipline dissenting women. In this way, the regime materialized the definition of a concrete gender policy, expressed in the brutality of sexual torture. This made part of a social disciplinary methodology to reach the ideological and material objectives of the new socio-political and military order.« (Source: Nuevo Mundo - Mundos Nuevos)


  Antecedentes generales de la construcción social de la violencia de género y sexual en Chile
  El discurso hacia la mujer impuesto por la dictadura
  Modalidades específicas de tortura sexual y de género a mujeres y sus significantes

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