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Author: E. Yerriswamy

Title: Depiction of Rape in Indian Cinema

Subtitle: -

Journal: Global Journal of Mulitdisciplinary Studies

Volume: 5

Issue: 10

Year: September 2016

Pages: 107-115

eISSN: 2348-0459 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | Asian History: Indian History | Representations: Films / Bawander, Dushman, Zakhmi Aurat; Victims: Reactions / Revenge


Link: Global Journal of Mulitdisciplinary Studies (Free Access)


Abstract: »New communications and information technologies have created a global revolution in communications, access to information, and media delivery. These new communication and information technologies are facilitating the rape exploitation of women. Cinema is one of the popular media in the world. This article focuses on how Hindi cinema Sepcial Zakhmi Aurat, Dushman, Bawander represents Rape in the modern Indian social context.« (Source: Global Journal of Mulitdisciplinary Studies)


  Introduction (p. 107)
  Objective of Study (p. 109)
  Scope of the Study (p. 109)
  Methodology (p. 109)
  Zakhmi Aurat (p. 110)
  Dushman (p. 110)
  Bawander (p. 112)
  Conclusion (p. 114)
  References (p. 114)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of India / History of the Republic of India | Film: Indian films / Bawandar, Dushman (1998 film), Zakhmi Aurat | Film: Rape and revenge film