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Author: Joseph Wortis

Title: Venus and Adonis

Subtitle: An Early Account of Sexual Harassment

In: Venus and Adonis: Critical Essays

Edited by: Philip C. Kolin

Place: New York and London

Publisher: Psychology Press

Year: 1997

Pages: 259-260

ISBN-10: 081532149X – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 16th Century | European History: English History | Representations: Literary Texts / William Shakespeare; Types: Sexual Harassment


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Author: Wikipedia

Reprint of: Wortis, Joseph. »Venus and Adonis: An Early Account of Sexual Harassment.« Biological Psychiatry 35 (1994): 293. – Bibliographic Entry: Info

Wikipedia: History of Europe: History of England | Literature: English literature | 16th-century English writers: William Shakespeare / Venus and Adonis | Sex and the law: Sexual harassment