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Author: Sabine Wollnik

Title: 5 x 2, szenische Reflexion über die romantische Liebe

Subtitle: Eine psychoanalytische Filmbetrachtung von Francois Ozons Film aus dem Jahr 2004

Translation: 5 x 2, reflecting scenes about romantic love. A psychoanalytic interpretation of 5 x 2, a film by Francois Ozon in the year 2004

Journal: Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Psychosomatik (International Journal for Philosophy and Psychosomatic Medicine)

Volume: 11

Issue: 2

Year: December 2014

Pages: 7 pages

ISSN: 1869-6880 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: German

Keywords: 21st Century | French History | Representations: Films / 5x2

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Abstract: »5 x 2, a film by Francois Ozon, shot in 2004, shows five sequences about the breakdown of a romantic love. Formally he rolls the relationship from end to beginning. The end of the film shows the beginning of the love, which is composed like a round dance. Gilles, the male protagonist, flees from a former love, which became empty and boring, into the arms of a new love, which the film deals with. Lately psychotherapists are interested in the meaning of implicit forms in relationships, the emotional, psychosomatic being together, which can only be scarcely translated into language. Therefore, movies are particularly suitable for working through emotionally highly charged themes as they communicate with the audience on many levels. Ozon shows the different formal structures of the five sequences on how a new relationship, a marriage, the birth of a child, the failure of love changes our identity. By the openness of the representation, Ozon makes it possible to reflect on themes of failure, some of which are understood as a diffi culty to endure the inevitable disillusion and to hold disappointment, aggression in the relationship and to negotiate appropriately. More complex topics are sexuality, dependent fears and dealing with guilt, whereas in the fi lm only a few movements are visible to repair the relationship. Self-pity, hazardous for any relationship, is captured in the film on the soundtrack by Italian songs from the sixties. Because they are understood as a perfect example of sentimentality, they break the film ironically.« (Source: Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Psychosomatik)


  Inhalt des Films
  Formale Struktur und Identität
  Die romantische Liebe
  Das Scheitern
  Zur Autorin

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