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Author: Ivonne Wilches

Title: Lo que hemos aprendido sobre la atención a mujeres víctimas de violencia sexual en el conflicto armado colombiano

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Translation: What We Have Learned about Treating Female Victims of Sexual Violence in the Colombian Armed Conflict

Journal: Revista de Estudios Sociales

Volume: -

Issue: 36

Year: August 2010

Pages: 86-94

ISSN: 0123-885X – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1900-5180 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Colombian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Colombian Conflict

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Abstract: »The article describes what we have learned about psychosocially and psycho-legally treating female victims of sexual violence in Colombia’s armed conflict. Sexual violence has characteristics that differentiate it from other forms of violence against women: the strong tendency for victims to remain silent “invisiblizes” the crime. This silence arises from the sense of guilt and shame that stem from cultural imaginaries and patriarchal ideologies which maintain that women can avoid being raped and assumes that somehow they provoked the attack if they were. This strong cultural prejudice makes women keep quiet and not report the crime. In the armed conflict, sexual violence has been systematically used as an effective weapon, but one that has been silenced and is neither admitted by its victims nor its perpetrators. The psychosoical treatment of sexual violence in the conflict should consider the issues of gender, human rights, and political position in order to help victims stop seeing themselves as such and become, instead, citizens who demand their rights.« [Source: Revista de Estudios Sociales.]


  Atención psicosocial y psicojurídica de la violencia sexual a mujeres (p. 87)
  Violencia sexual en la guerra, sin cifras y sin denuncia (p. 88)
  El exorcismo de la culpa (p. 88)
  El trauma, un dolor de todo el cuerpo (p. 89)
  Silencio y violencia sexual. Ser capaces de escuchar el silencio (p. 91)
  Los resquicios del olvido (p. 92)
  Los símbolos del desagravio. ¿Es posible la reparación? (p. 93)
  Pretensión de epílogo (p. 93)
  Referencias (p. 94)

Wikipedia: Colombian conflict (1964–present), War rape

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