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Author: Leigh Ann Wheeler

Title: How Sex Became a Civil Liberty

Subtitle: -

Place: Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year: 2013

Pages: 352pp.

ISBN-13: 9780199754236 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Society: Civil Rights Movement



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Author: Leigh Ann Wheeler, Department of History, Binghamton UniversityResearchGate


  Acknowledgments (p. ix)
  Introduction (p. 3)
  1. "Where Else but Greenwick Village?": Taking Sexual Liberties, 1910s-1920s (p. 11)
  2. "Queer Business for the Civil Liberties Union": Defending Unconventional Speech about Sex, 1920s-1930s (p. 39)
  3. "Are You Free to Read, See, and Hear?": Creating Consumer Rights out of the First Amendment, 1940s-1960s (p. 61)
  4. "To Be Let Alone in the Bedroom": Expanding Sexual Rights through Privacy, 1940s-1960s (p. 93)
  5. "To Produce Offspring without Interference by the State": Making Reproductive Freedom, 1960s-1970s (p. 121)
  6. "What Happening to Sexual Privacy?": Easing Access to Sexual Expression, 1960s-1970s (p. 153)
  7. "Solutions Must Be Found with Civil Libertarian Guidelines": Protecting against Rape and Sexual Harassment, 1970s-1990s (p. 179)
  Conclusion (p. 215)
  Notes (p. 225)
  Bibliography (p. 297)
    Secondary Literature (p. 297)
    Published Primary Sources (p. 308)
    Oral Interviews (p. 313)
    E-mail Correspondence (p. 314)
    Archival Collections and Abbreviations (p. 314)
    Microfilm Collections (p. 316)
    Online Collections (p. 316)
  Index (p. 317)

Description: »How Sex Became a Civil Liberty is the first book to show how and why we have come to see sexual expression, sexual practice, and sexual privacy as fundamental rights. Using rich archival sources and oral interviews, historian Leigh Ann Wheeler shows how the private lives of women and men in the American Civil Liberties Union shaped their understanding of sexual rights as they built the constitutional foundation for the twentieth-century's sexual revolutions.« (Source: Oxford University Press)

Interview: Barger, Lilian C., et al. »How Sex Became a Civil Liberty.« New Books in History (April 2015).


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