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Author: Valorie K. Vojdik

Title: Sexual Violence Against Men and Women in War

Subtitle: A Masculinities Approach

Journal: Nevada Law Journal

Volume: 14

Issue: 3

Year: Summer 2014

Pages: 923-852

OCLC Number: 724028202 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Types: Wartime Rape; Victims: Men


Link: Scholarly Commons @ UNLV (Free Access)


Author: Valorie Vojdik, College of Law, University of Tennessee at Knoxville


  Introduction (p. 923)
  I. Sexual Violence Against Men During War: Prevalent Yet Invisible (p. 928)
    A. Nature and Extent of Wartime Male Sexual Violence (p. 928)
    B. Invisibility of Male Rape Under International Criminal Jurisprudence and Theory (p. 932)
    C. Inadequate Theorizing of Sexual Violence Against Men in War by Feminists (p. 938)
  II. Making Men Visible as Victims of Sexual Violence During War: A Masculinities Approach (p. 940)
    A. The Masculinities of War (p. 940)
    B. Theorizing Sexual Violence Against Men as a Gendered Weapon of War (p. 944)
  III. Future Directions: Situating Wartime Sexual Violence Against Men Within a Continuum of Violence Used to Construct Masculinities Throughout Society (p. 949)
  Conclusion (p. 951)

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