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Author: Victor J. Vitanza

Title: Sexual Violence in Western Thought and Writing

Subtitle: Chaste Rape

Place: New York, NY

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Year: 2011

Pages: xxviii + 270pp.

ISBN-13: 9780230112834 (hardcover) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780230349513 (EPUB) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780230337718 (PDF) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Literature



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  Preface (p. xi)
    Devastation (p. xii)
    Remnants (p. xii)
    Grounding (p. xvii)
    Conduction (p. xx)
      Rape (Basement) (p. xxi)
      Pedagogy (Pederasty, Sexual Violence) (p. xxii)
      Canonization (Obsessive and Hysterical Thinking) (p. xxii)
    Wings of Desire (p. xxiv)
  Acknowledgments (p. xxvii)
  The Basement: Towards A Re-Introduction (p. 1)
    Photographic, Virtual Readings (p. 2)
    Reportage, Court Records, and Meditations (p. 6)
    The Product (p. 11)
    Resistance to a Pedagogy of the Oppressor (p. 16)
    From the Attic to the Basement, to the Madhouse (p. 21)
Part I: Broaching the Abject
  1 How To Think, To Read, To Write Rape? (p. 27)
    The Question of Revenge (p. 29)
    The Question of Ethos (p. 30)
    Thinking and Reading Rape (p. 35)
      Warner (Brownmiller) (p. 35)
      Thornhill and Palmer (Brownmiller) (p. 41)
      Brownmiller Redux (p. 44)
    Writing and Reading Autobiographical Rape (p. 45)
      Dworkin ("They Took My Body from Me and Used It") (p. 45)
      "Rapist Ethics" (p. 50)
      "The Test" (p. 53)
  2 Thinking, Reading, Writing Rape (p. 57)
    Millett Redux (p. 57)
    The Most Typical Rape (p. 58)
    Meditations on a Human Sacrifice (p. 59)
      The Sacrifice (p. 59)
      Photography (p. 61)
      Homo Sacer (p. 63)
    Reversing the Logic of the Cut (p. 66)
    Kristeva, Psychoanalysis, and Abjection (p. 70)
      Locating the Abject (p. 72)
      Vomiting, Counterpedagogy (p. 75)
    Reading the Mouth (Vomi) (p. 76)
      Sherman's Logic of Invagination (p. 76)
    Dworkin and Girard's Calls for Nonsacrifical Readings (p. 85)
      Dworkin ("I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce during Which There Is No Rape") (p. 85)
      Merciful Readings (p. 87)
    The Basement Redux (p. 91)
      The Game of the Double Bind (p. 92)
      The Death of Sex and Potency (p. 95)
  Excursus: The Assessment-Test Event (p. 97)
Part II: Oedipal Places and Cassandraic Chora
  3 Oedi-Pedagogy (p. 103)
    Masson on Freud (Preamblings) (p. 105)
      Jeffrey Masson, in The Assault on Truth (p. 105)
      Test Drives (p. 111)
      Parabase (p. 112)
      Recapitulation (p. 113)
    Freud and Fliess (p. 117)
      Another Parabase (p. 117)
    Masson Returns (p. 121)
      Assessment (p. 123)
      Abraham Returns (p. 125)
      Taking Leave, Momentarily (p. 129)
    Freud's Homeschooling (p. 130)
      Freud on Freud ("Some Reflections") (p. 131)
      Jacob (Freud) and Two Cultures (p. 132)
      Home Seminars (p. 134)
      Lessons (p. 135)
      Pederasty (p. 137)
      "The place of an 'error'" (p. 139)
    Anonymous ("My Mentor, My Rapist") (p. 144)
      The questions (p. 144)
  4 Canon, Obsessive/Hysteric (p. 147)
    Freud Redux (p. 147)
      The Tain in the Mirror (p. 147)
      Dis-solution (p. 152)
      Preposition to Paraproposition (p. 153)
      A Child Playing a Game (p. 156)
      A Game Playing a Child (p. 158)
    Cummings on Canon ("Principled Pleasures") (p. 165)
      Obsession and its Other (Hysteria, First Try) (p. 165)
      Obsession and its Other (Hysteria, Second Try) (p. 167)
    Touchings (p. 172)
      Kleist (Marquise, No Memory) (p. 174)
      Kipnis (Marx, Hysterical Body of Knowledge) (p. 176)
      Eagleton Reduxed (Marx, No Laughter) (p. 178)
      Dworkin (Rape Museums) (p. 181)
Part III: From the Attic and Basement to the Living Room
  Excursus. Rebeginnings, from Architecture to AnArchitexture (p. 185)
    Obsession and Its Order (Hysteria, Third Try) (p. 185)
      Where have we been, Where will we have been? (p. 185)
      Derrida (Archive Fever) (p. 187)
      Deleuze (Foucault, "A New Archivist") (p. 189)
      Deleuze (Foucault, "Foldings") (p. 194)
    Refusing to Be Female, Refusing to Be Male (p. 199)
    "the third-instructed (one)" (p. 201)
    The Deleuzean Millennium, The New Earth (p. 204)
      Incompossible Anarchitectures (Leibniz and Folding, Living Spaces: Redux) (p. 204)
      Incompossible Anarchitextures (Incompossible Narratives (p. 208)
      Incompossible Anarchijects (Incompossible Superjects) (p. 212)
    The Coming (AnArchi-) Community (A Counterlegacy) (p. 218)
      Prescription-Inscription (p. 218)
      Multiply Principles, Fly toward Transversals (p. 223)
  Notes (p. 225)
  Works Cited (p. 241)
  Index (p. 261)

Description: »Chaste Rape focuses on rape narratives as grounding for western thinking about community - from the polis to nation-states - specifically in cultures of thinking, reading, and writing. CR examines these narratives, or representations of sexual violence, across numerous media, including oral, print, video, film, and virtual cultures. CR rethinks rape, or sexual violence, through a close examination of how rape is a pedagogy that has become canonized in the form of rape stories. The book is written for an academic audience across numerous fields and disciplines, from classics through literature/philosophy to cinema studies.« (Source: Palgrave Macmillan)