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Author: Richard Eloy Vega Núñz

Title: Agresiones sexuales como arma de guerra en el conflicto armado colombiano

Subtitle: Elemento subjetivo del tipo

Thesis: Maestría en Derecho Procesal Penal, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Advisor: Mauricio Molina Galindo

Year: August 2015

Pages: 63pp.

Language: Spanish

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | American History: Colombian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Colombian Conflict


Link: Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (Free Access)



»This article presents an analysis about the sexual aggressions perpetrated in the Colombian armed conflict framework to stablish if there have been only made in order to be a weapon of war or if there are variables in the intentionality of the victimizers to perpetrate them. It is examined the importance to inquire about the mobiles of this behavior of violence to make a correct penal framework. This inquiry shows the relevance of the study of the subjective aspect from the type to differentiate an ordinary sexual crime from one that attacks the IHL.
This is a reflection of socio-juridical order that is developed under the inductive method parameters. In this way, there are shown some aspects from the human being mainly related to the human dignity, the sexuality of the man, and his tendency to war. Later, it is made a contextualization of the armed conflict in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia; making emphasis on the sexual aggressions made as weapon of war in both conflicts; a topic that is also going to be studied in the case of the Colombian armed conflict. There are stablished some behavioral parameters that characterize the sexual criminals and the way the legislator typified such behavior, differentiating it from the crimes that attack the IHL, and the ones that only affect the integrity and the sexual formation. Finally, it is presented which pertains to the pain study as a subjective element from the type and its importance to achieve a correct classification of the conduct that is going to be investigated.
In this order of ideas, it is conclude, in one side, that man by nature is worthy in contrast, with his tendency to war. By another side, it is shown that in the development of the Colombian armed conflict, the sexual violence practices not only obey to the intention of being a weapon of war, but also that are perpetuated to satisfy the sexual desire from the combatants.« (Source: )


  Resumen (p. 2)
  Abstract (p. 3)
  Introdución (p. 4)
  1. La Dignidad humana (p. 8)
  1.2. Breve reseña de la sexualidad en el ser humano (p. 14)
  2.1. Sobre el ser humano como sujeto de confrontación (p. 20)
  2.2. Contextualización de las agresiones sexuales como arma de guerra en los conflictos armados de Ruanda y exYugoslavia (p. 23)
  2.3. Origen y desarrollo del conflicto armado en Colombia (p. 29)
  2.4. El conflicto armado en Colombia y la agresión sexual como arma de guerra (p. 38)
  2.5. Aspectos comportamentales de los agresores sexuales (p. 42)
  3.1. Relación normativa de las conductas que atentan contra la integridad y la formación sexual (p. 48)
  3.2. Estudio sobre los aspectos subjetivos del tipo y abordaje en las agresiones sexuales en el conflicto armado (p. 52)
  Conclusiones (p. 58)
  Bibliografía (p. 60)

Wikipedia: History of the Americas: History of Colombia | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Colombian Conflict