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Author: Tania Mara Pereira Vasconcelos

Title: "As Filhas da Mãe"

Subtitle: Representações do Feminino em Processos Judiciais por Crime de Sedução e Estupro em Jacobina, Bahia (1940-1960)

Translation: "The Daughters of the Mother": Representations of the Feminine in Judicial Lawsuits for the Crime of Seduction and Rape in Jacobina, Bahia (1940-1960)

Journal: Diálogo

Volume: -

Issue: 25

Year: April 2014

Pages: 91-105

ISSN: 2238-9024 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 20th Century | Brazilian History | Prosecution: Trials


Link: Portal de Periódicos Cienfíficos UnilaSalle (Free Access)


Abstract: »The article sets out to analyze representations of the feminine in lawsuits for the crime of seduction and rape, in the municipality of Jacobina, Bahia, in which the victims were children of single mothers or widows. The analysis shows that these girls were the ones who were more subjected to disqualification in the course of lawsuits, since the suspicion about their morality falls also on their mothers, often accused of prostitution, based on prejudices entrenched gender, class and race.« (Source: Diálogo)


  Introdução (p. 91)
  Criação defeituosa, meio viciado e sensualidade desenfreada: as “moças perdidas” (p. 93)
  A mãe como mau exemplo (p. 97)
  Referências (p. 104)