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Authors: Yan-Wen Tsai (蔡雁雯) and Herng Su (蘇蘅)

Title: 性侵報導的強暴迷思與轉變


Translation: Evolution of Rape Myths and Sexual Assaults in Newspaper Coverage

Journal: 新聞學研究 (Xin wen xue yan jiu) (Mass Communication Research)


Issue: 128

Year: 2016

Pages: 85-134

ISSN: 1016-1007 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Chinese

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | Asian History: Taiwanese History | Representations: Press / 21st-Century Press



Airiti Library (Restricted Access)

National Chengchi University (Free Access)


Authors: Herng Su, Department of Journalism, National Chengchi UniversityResearchGate

Abstract: »The article presents an analysis of the coverage of three newspapers of rape in the daily Press in Taiwan. The idea that rape is a sexual rather than an aggressive act encourages people not to take it seriously as a crime-an attitude frequently revealed in comments by defense attorneys and newspaper. The authors’ investigated that the female victim who did not know most of her attackers will be portrayed as helpless and not responsible for her victimization. The newspapers sustained and reinforced the myths that a woman who is having consensual sex cannot be raped, and if so, she is held culpable and perceived as “asking for it.” A content analysis of newspapers’ headlines and coverage between 2002 and 2013 showed that more than 50% endorsed a rape myth.« (Source: Mass Communication Research)


  《摘要》 (p. 86)
  壹、研究背景 (p. 87)
  貳、文獻探討 (p. 92)
    一、強暴迷思概念的演變 (p. 92)
    二、媒體如何放大性與暴力 (p. 98)
    三、商業化對性侵報導的影響 (p. 100)
    四、研究問題 (p. 105)
  參、研究方法 (p. 105)
    一、研究設計 (p. 106)
      (一)研究對象與樣本選擇 (p. 106)
      (二)分析範圍 (p. 106)
    二、類目建構與編碼表說明 (p. 107)
      (一)新聞基本資料 (p. 107)
      (二)內容呈現 (p. 107)
        1. 性侵案件犯罪類型 (p. 107)
        2. 加害者與被害者關係 (p. 108)
        3. 消息來源 (p. 108)
        4. 強暴迷思 (p. 108)
    三、信度檢測 (p. 109)
  肆、資料分析 (p. 109)
    一、性侵新聞報導的基本分布 (p. 109)
    二、報導字數 (p. 110)
    三、新聞圖像化 (p. 111)
    四、消息來源 (p. 112)
    五、性侵當事人的關係 (p. 113)
    六、性侵犯罪類型 (p. 113)
    七、強暴迷思 (p. 115)
      (一)性侵事件強暴迷思 (p. 116)
      (二)加害者強暴迷思 (p. 116)
      (三)受害者強暴迷思 (p. 118)
  伍、結論與討論 (p. 122)
    一、主要發現 (p. 122)
    二、研究限制與未來研究建議 (p. 126)
  參考文獻 (p. 128)
  Abstract (p. 134)

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