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Author: Raynald Tremblay

Title: La criminalité au Saguenay

Subtitle: Étude du registre de la prison de Chicoutimi

Translation: Crime in the Saguenay: a study of the register of the Chicoutimi prison

Journal: Saguenayensia

Volume: 34

Issue: 2

Year: April-June 1992

Pages: 3-8

ISSN: 0581-295X – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: French

Keywords: Modern History: 19th Century, 20th Century | American History: Canadian History | Prosecution: Statistics


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Abstract: »An analysis of Chicoutimi's prison register for the periods 1863-69, 1901-07, and 1917-23 shows that while the rate of crime in the Quebec region remained stable relative to the increase in population, the nature of the crimes for which time was served changed. Common reasons for imprisonment in the 1860's included refusal to work and "mental alienation"; at the turn of the century many people were incarcerated for naval desertion, prostitution, selling alcohol without a license, and being drunk and disorderly. Refusal to register for military service, incest, sexual assault, and drunk driving were common grounds for incarceration around the time of World War I.« (Source: America: History and Life)