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Author: Hitomi Tonomura

Title: Coercive Sex in the Medieval Japanese Court

Subtitle: Lady Nijō's Memoir

Journal: Monumenta Nipponica: Studies in Japanese Culture

Volume: 61

Issue: 3

Year: Autumn 2006

Pages: 283-338

ISSN: 0027-0741 – Find a Library: WordCat | ISSN: 1880-1390 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval History: 13th Century | Asian History: Japanese History | Cases: Offenders / Go-Fukakusa; Cases: Victims / Lady Nijō; Types: Child Sexual Abuse; Victims: Girls, Narrative Studies


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Author: Hitomi Tonomura, Department of History, University of


  Defining "Rape" (p. 285)
  The Political, Social, and Sexual Milieu (p. 289)
  Family, Friends, and Foes (p. 294)
  Towazugatari: The Memoir (p. 300)
  The First Sexual Episode with Go-Fukakusa: An Initial Reading (p. 303)
  Decoding Intertextual References: A Second Reading (p. 311)
  Self-Appraisal in the Court's Matrix of Sex and Desire (p. 313)
  Severing Ties (p. 319)
  Reflections on the Past (p. 322)
  Resituating Sexuality (p. 325)
  Farewell to Go-Fukakusa (p. 327)
  Conclusion (p. 329)
  References (p. 331)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of Japan / Kamakura period, Emperor Go-Fukakusa, Lady Nijō