Tompkins 1995 Rape

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Author: Tamara L. Tompkins

Title: Prosecuting Rape as a War Crime

Subtitle: Speaking the Unspeakable

Journal: Notre Dame Law Review

Volume: 70

Issue: 4

Year: 1995

Pages: 845-890

ISSN: 0745-3515 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Types: Wartime Rape

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  I. Introduction (p. 847)
  II. Domestic or Peacetime Rape–The Crime and the Injury (p. 852)
    A. The Social and Cultural Backdrop of Rape (p. 852)
    B. The Causes of Rape - Profile of a Rapist (p. 855)
    C. The Injury - The Experience of the Victim (p. 856)
      1. The Physical Experience of Rape (p. 856)
      2. The Psychological Experience of Rape (p. 858)
      3. Effect on a Woman's Sexuality (p. 859)
  III. Rape during War (p. 859)
    A. How Men Use Rape in War (p. 859)
      1. Rape as a War Tactic (p. 859)
      2. Rape as Means of Troop Mollification (p. 863)
      3. Rape as Genocide (p. 866)
    B. Why Men Rape in War (p. 869)
      1. War legitimates violence (p. 869)
      2. War Exaggerates Myths of Gender and Sexuality (p. 871)
      3. Rape is an Expression of Misogyny (p. 873)
    C. The Injury of Wartime Rape (p. 874)
      1. The physical injury (p. 874)
      2. The psychological injury (p. 875)
        (a) Loss of Bodily Autonomy (p. 875)
        (b) Confirming the Peripheralism of Women (p. 876)
        c. Treble Harm (p. 878)
  IV. War Crimes (p. 880)
    A. Evolution of the Laws of War (p. 880)
    B. The War Crime of Rape (p. 882)
  V. Prosecuting Rape as a War Crime (p. 883)
    A. The Goals of War Crimes Tribunals (p. 883)
    B. The Goals of Women (p. 885)
    C. Reconciling the Goals of Women and War Crimes Tribunals (p. 887)
      1. Retribution (p. 887)
      2. Deterrene (p. 889)
      3. Statements of Outrage (p. 890)
  VI. Conclusion (p. 890)

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