Thomas 1999 Bodies

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Author: Kylie Thomas

Title: White Bodies and Colonial History

Subtitle: Sexual Violence in Kate Grenville's Lilian's Story and Mark Behr's The Smell of Apples

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, University of British Columbia

Year: September 1999

Pages: iv + 94pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Australian History, South African History | Representations: Literature / Mark Behr, Kate Grenville

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Abstract: »In this thesis I explore the significance of sexual violence in colonial Australia and apartheid South Africa through analyses of Kate Grenville's Lilian's Story (1985) and Mark Behr's The Smell of Apples (1995). The explicit focus of the thesis is on the sexual violence enacted by white men on white children and the relation between this form of violence and the practices of white racism. I argue that both texts confront instances of sexual violence that have been made unspeakable in colonial history. In the concluding chapter of the thesis I attempt to formulate how it might be possible to represent the violence of the past in an ethical way.« [Source: Thesis]


  Abstract (p. ii)
  Acknowledgements (p. iv)
  Introduction (p. 1)
    Theorizing Race and Sexuality (p. 3)
    Sexual Violence and Colonial Violence (p. 5)
    Theorizing Whiteness (p. 8)
  Monstrous Fathers, Monstrous Daughters: Reading the Body in Kate Grenville's Lilian's Story (p. 24)
  Whiteness, Violence and Denial: Mark Behr's The Smell of Apples (p. 39)
    White Lies (p. 42)
    Torture as Spectacle: The Structures of Denial (p. 49)
    White Violence as Unspeakable (p. 53)
    The Denial of Suffering and the Suffering of Denial (p. 56)
  Moving Beyond Denial (p. 62)
    Writing Against Forgetting (p. 68)
    'Memory is a Weapon': Resisting 'White' Silences (p. 72)
  Notes (p. 77)
  Works Cited (p. 86)

Wikipedia: Mark Behr, The Smell of Apples, Kate Grenville

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