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Author: Christina M. Tchen

Title: Rape reform and a statutory consent defense

Subtitle: -

Journal: The journal of criminal law and criminology

Volume: 74

Issue: 4

Year: Winter 1983

Pages: 1518-1555

ISSN: 0091-4169 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Prosecution: Laws


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  I. Introduction (p. 1518)
  II. Consent and the common law (p. 1520)
  A. Historical origins of the law (p. 1520)
  B. The misconception in the common law (p. 1526)
  III. Consent and rape reform laws (p. 1529)
  A. Early attempts at reform and the Model Penal Code (p. 1529)
  B. The resistance standard and the penal laws of New York and Washington (p. 1533)
  C. The elimination of non-consent as an element and the Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Act (p. 1537)
  D. The statutory definition of consent and the Wisconsin sexual assault statute (p. 1543)
  IV. A suggestion for reform - The statutory affirmative consent defense (p. 1547)
  A. The goals of rape reform (p. 1547)
  B. The statutory affirmative consent defense (p. 1548)
  C. The Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Act of 1983 (p. 1549)
  V. Conclusion (p. 1554)