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Author: Dalma Sziller

Title: Framing Wartime Sexual Violence in Hungary

Subtitle: -

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, Central European University

Year: 2013

Pages: iii + 87pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Hungarian History, Russian History | Representations: Literature / Judit Kováts; Types: Wartime Rape / Second World War

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»This thesis investigates the contemporary Hungarian framing of wartime sexual violence (that was committed in World War II). It analyzes a novel Denied by Judit Kováts published in 2012 and its reception in the Hungarian media through discourse analysis. In order to find out the dominant ways in which wartime sexual violence is understood and framed, it uses feminist theories of wartime sexual violence and gendered nationalism that the author combines with the current state of memory politics of WWII in Hungary.
This thesis argues that wartime rape is generally framed in a nationalist and gendered way, in which wartime sexual violence is exclusively commemorated as a brutal crime committed by the Soviet soldiers. In this discourse women are only conceptualized as the symbols or reproducers of the nation, which gendered and nationalist framing is used to claim national victimhood. The consequence of this limited framing is the false memory politics of WWII and the suppression of Hungarys involvement with Nazi Germany. This research also points to the lack of feminist voices in the public discourse in Hungary about wartime rape, and the overall absence of critical thinking about gender based violence or violence against women.« (Source: Thesis)


  Abstract (p. i)
  Acknowledgements (p. ii)
  Introduction (p. 1)
  I. The case of Hungary (p. 6)
    I.1. Hungary in World War II (p. 6)
    I.2. Gender in Hungary – before and after socialism (p. 9)
    I.3. Hungary and memory politics of WWII (p. 14)
  II. Theoretical frameworks (p. 19)
    II.1. Feminist theories of wartime sexual violence (p. 19)
    II.2. Previous research about wartime sexual violence in Hungary (p. 24)
    II.3. The German case (p. 27)
    II.4. Critiques of oral history (p. 31)
  III. Female accounts of WWII and wartime sexual violence (p. 35)
    III.1. One Woman in the War (p. 35)
    III.2. Denied (p. 39)
  IV. Discourse analysis of Denied's perception (p. 51)
    IV.1. General framing of Denied – or the state of Hungarian journalism (p. 52)
      IV.1.1. Framing wartime sexual violence – degendering violence (p. 57)
      IV.1.2. Silences – and the omission of 'coming to terms with the past' (p. 65)
      IV.1.3. Political commitment in the book reviews (p. 66)
      IV.1.4. The current atmosphere of memory politics, nationalism and Denied (p. 69)
  Conclusion (p. 73)
  References (p. 76)
  Online Sources (p. 83)

Wikipedia: Soviet war crimes, War rape, World War II

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