Sun 2000 Xingbaoli

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Author: Zhaiwei Sun

Title: Lun Nanjing datusha zhong de xingbaoli wenti

Subtitle: -

Translation: On Sexual Violence during the Nanjing Massacre

Journal: Minguo dang’an

Volume: -

Issue: 4

Year: 2000

Pages: 91-96

ISSN: 1000-4491 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Chinese

Keywords: 20th Century | Chinese History, Japanese History | Types: "Comfort Women", Wartime Rape / Second Sino-Japanese War

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Abstract: »Sexual violence committed by Japanese troops against Chinese women was an integral part of the Nanjing massacre, as most victims were killed afterward.« [Source: Historical Abstracts]

Wikipedia: Comfort women, Japanese war crimes, Second Sino-Japanese War, War rape

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