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Author: Ivonne Suárez Pinzón

Title: Violencia de género y violencia sexual del conflicto armado colombiano

Subtitle: -

Translation: Gender violence and sexual violence in Colombia's armed conflict

Journal: Revista Cambios y permanencias

Volume: -

Issue: 6

Year: December 2015 (Received: October 2, 2015, Accepted: October 15, 2015)

Pages: 173-203

eISSN: 2027-5528 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | American History: Colombian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Colombian Conflict


Link: Cambios y Permanencias (Free Access)


Author: Ivonne Suárez Pinzón, Escuela de Historia , Universidad Industrial de Santander


»The text addresses a topic of considerable interest, namely, the specific forms of violence suffered by Colombian women who are victims of forced labor in the context of internal armed conflict displacement. Its objective is to interpret such forms of violence from a perspective that assumes gender as a central category of analysis.
Information was obtained through the methodology of oral history and construction of life courses that allow you to present empirical support for the analysis of a limited set of cases. The conclusions emphasized the violence that exists in the context of the conflict is a result of generic forms of violence in society by.« (Source: Revista Cambios y permanencias)


  Introducción (p. 176)
  I. Qué entender por género (p. 177)
  II. Violencia sexual y violencia de género (p. 179)
  III. Violencia de género y violencia sexual en las trayectorias de vida analizadas (p. 187)
    1. Violencia de género estructural patriarcal e intrafamiliar, no vinculada al conflicto armado (p. 188)
    2. Violencia sexual y de género en medio del conflicto (p. 191)
    3. Violencia de género en el lugar de acogida (p. 196)
  A manera de conclusión (p. 198)
  Bibliografía (p. 200)

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