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Editor: Laura W. Stein

Title: Sexual Harassment in America

Subtitle: A Documentary History

Place: Westport, CT

Publisher: Greenwood Press

Year: 1999

Pages: 328pp.

Series: Primary Documents in American History and Contemporary Issues

ISBN-10: 0313301840 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

ISBN-13: 9780313301841 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | eISBN-13: 9781440825231 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Types: Sexual Harassment

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  Series Foreword (p. xix)
  Introduction (p. xxi)
  Part I. Defining Sexual Harassment (p. 1)
    How Sexual Harassment Became Illegal (p. 1)
    Definitions of Sexual Harassment (p. 4)
  Part II. Sexual Harassment in Employment (p. 19)
    The Prevalance of Sexual Harassment in Employment (p. 19)
    Laws Prohibiting Sexual Harassment in Employment (p. 32)
    Early Sexual Harassment Cases
    The Supreme Court Speaks (p. 53)
    Proving "Unwelcomeness" (p. 60)
    Legal Responsibility for Sexual Harassment (p. 62)
    Remedies Available in Cases of Harassment (p. 71)
    Evidence about the Plaintiff's Sexual History (p. 76)
    Same-Sex Harassment (p. 80)
    Special Issues in Hostile Environment Harassment (p. 87)
    Sexual Harassment by Government Officials (p. 107)
    Lawsuits Brought by Those Accused of Harassment (p. 128)
  Part III. Sexual Harassment in the Military (p. 133)
    The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in the Military (p. 134)
    The Tailhook Scandal (p. 143)
    Military Regulation of Sexual Harassment (p. 164)
    More Recent Military Sexual Harassment Scandals (p. 178)
  Part IV. Sexual Harassment in Education (p. 191)
    Laws Prohibiting Sexual Harssment in Education (p. 1919
    Development of the Law Against Sexual Harassment in Education (p. 202)
    The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions (p. 206)
    Harassment by School Employees (p. 213)
    Harassment by Peers (p. 223)
    Same-Sex Harassment (p. 235)
    When the Very Young Are Accused of Harassment (p. 237)
    Sexual Harassment and Academic Freedom (p. 243)
  Part V. New Frontiers in Sexual Harassment Law (p. 249)
    Sexual Harassment in Housing (p. 249)
    Sexual Harassment in Other Contexts (p. 259)
  Part VI. The Supreme Court's Decisions from 1998 (p. 263)
  Index (p. 293)


»A breakthrough collection of key documents on sexual harassment, providing an overview of the development of the concept in America.
The controversial topic of sexual harassment in the United States is explored in this unique collection of over 90 documents. The political and social aspects of the concept of sexual harassment are examined through such documents as legal cases that defined and prohibited sexual harassment, government documents, major studies, and newspaper accounts of major developments concerning sexual harassment. Each document is accompanied by an explanatory introduction to help high school and college students understand how that particular document fits into larger trends, while also making it more accessible to the reader.
The question of what sexual harassment is and how we have developed an awareness of the concept in the late twentieth century is explored in detail in six separate sections. The first section reviews the definition of sexual harassment and why it is considered illegal. The next three sections investigate sexual harassment as it has arisen in three contexts: employment, the military, and education. The fifth section examines the ways laws have been expanding beyond the areas of employment, the military and education. The final section provides the most current rulings of the Supreme Court involving sexual harassment. These six sections provide a comprehensive history that explores legal prohibitions on sexual harassment, setting forth important historical cases, while focusing on current areas of controversy, such as same-sex sexual harassment and free speech issues.« [Source: Greenwood Press]


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Wikipedia: Sexual harassment

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