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Author: Priya Shyam Srivats

Title: From Dolores Haze to Dakota Fanning

Subtitle: How Nabokov's Little Girl Went from Being a Victim of Sexual Assault to a Fashion Icon

Thesis: B.A. Thesis, Women's College Claremont

Year: April 2013

Pages: 65pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | U.S. History | Representations: Literature / Vladimir Nabokov, Photography; Types: Child Sexual Abuse; Victims: Girls

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Link: Scholarship @ Claremont (Free Access)

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Abstract: »This paper seeks to establish a critical understanding of issues of sexualization and re-­appropriation and how they relate to contemporary fashion advertising that specifically utilizes the Lolita Effect.« (Source: Thesis)


  Abstract (p. 2)
  Acknowledgements (p. 3)
  “Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins” (p. 4)
  Chapter One. Going Back to the Sources: Establishing Lolita within a Historical Context (p. 17)
  Chapter Two. The Effects of Re-appropriation of Lolita in Contemporary Fashion Photography & Advertising (p. 38)
  Conclusion (p. 61)
  Works Cited (p. 63)

Wikipedia: Fashion photography; Vladimir Nabokov: Lolita

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