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Author: Nayantara Sriram

Title: Sexual Violence as an Accredited Atrocity under the International Criminal Court

Subtitle: -

Journal: University of Leicester Student Law Review

Volume: -

Issue: 3

Year: 2016

Pages: 17-22

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | Prosecution: Trials / International Criminal Court; Types: Genocidal Rape, Wartime Rape


Link: Leicester University Law Society (Free Access)


Author: ResearchGate

Abstract: »The victims of sexual violence atrocities can be seen as inadequately protected under International Criminal Law due to an inability to address the principle that women’s rights are human rights within the current framework. There is a need for sexual violence to be defined and distinguished as a recognised form of atrocity. In this respect, as endorsed by Catherine MacKinnon, rape should be defined internationally in order to create a clear order of how grave this crime is on the basis that it ‘purposes such as intimidation, degradation, humiliation, discrimination, punishment, control or destruction of a person. Like torture, rape is a violation of personal dignity’. This can be seen in Prosecutor v Akayseu and should not be deemed a ‘secondary’ crime on this basis, as endorsed by Amnesty International. The thesis held in this essay gives particular emphasis to the harm caused as a consequence of crimes of sexual violence including health consequences (mental and physical) as found by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, acts of sexual violence have lead to further discrimination and degradation with an increase to the level of harm suffered by victims as significant issues caused by social stigmas, cultural customs and gender inequalities. In this way, a greater need for adequate protection of victims of sexual violence under the International Criminal Court (ICC) should be implemented.« (Source: University of Leicester Student Law Review)


  The Problems of the Current 'Position' of Sexual Violene in the Rome Statute of the ICC (p. 17)
  Sexual Violence, Harm and Health Consequences (HIV/AIDS and Mental Health) (p. 18)
  Sexual Violence causing Degradation and Discrimination (p. 19)
  Impracticality and Implementation (p. 19)
  Conclusion (p. 21)
  Bibliography (p. 21)
    Cases (p. 21)
    Statutes (p. 21)
    Books (p. 21)
    Reports (p. 21)
    Periodicals/Newspaper Articles (p. 22)

Wikipedia: Court: International court / International Criminal Court | Types of rape: Genocidal rape, Wartime sexual violence