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Author: Klaas Spronk

Title: The Story of a Gang Rape as a Means of Liberation

Subtitle: A Contextual Reading of Judges 19

In: Religious Stories We Live By: Narrative Approaches in Theology and Religious Studies

Edited by: R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Maaike de Haardt, and Michael Scherer-Rath

Place: Leiden

Publisher: Brill

Year: 2014

Pages: 109-116

ISBN-13: 9789004264052 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9789004264069 (ebook) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Representations: Bible - Types: Gang Rape

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Author: K. Spronk, Protestantse Theologische Universiteit [Protestant Theological University] – Academia.edu

Abstract: »Klaas Spronk adds to the reflection by focusing on a contextual reading of Judges 19. Can the gruesome story of this 'gang rape' have liberating powers? Feminist readers have objected to this devastating story, this 'text of terror' (Trible 1984). Spronk tries to overcome easy defenses of the story by looking closely at the context of the first readers. He claims that stories in the book of Judges probably have Hellenistic backgrounds, collected and reshaped to reflect the search for a collective identity in a post-exilic era. Judges 19 speaks of the dissatisfaction with religious leaders and the need for a good leader/king/messiah. From the perspective of the modern reader, it becomes important that the concubine asserts more autonomy than expected in those days. The dreadful events that unfold not only illustrate the lack of leadership, but also question whether the choices of the concubine should not have been respected in the first place. This allows present-day readers to see a seed of liberation in this story of oppression and abuse.« [Source: R. Ruard Ganzevoort. »Introduction: Religious Stories We Live By.« Religious Stories We Live By: Narrative Approaches in Theology and Religious Studies. Edited by R. Ruard Ganzevoort et al. Leiden 2014: 7.]

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