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Author: Matthew H. Sommer

Title: The Gendered Body in the Qing Courtroom

Subtitle: -

Journal: Journal of the History of Sexuality

Volume: 22

Issue: 2

Year: May 2013

Pages: 281-311

ISSN: 1043-4070 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1535-3605 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 18th Century, 19th Century | Chinese History | Cases: Victims / Zhao Wan; Prosecution: Trials; Types: Gang Rape, Same-Sex Rape; Victims: Men, Nuns

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Author: Matthew Sommer, Department of History, Stanford University

Abstract: »The article discusses court cases from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century China concerning the human body and gender performance. It examines Qing magistrates' rulings on cases involving "shinü," or "stone maidens," who were rejected by their husbands on claims of vaginal impenetrability, a Buddhist nun who was raped, a husband who was rejected by his wife due to the size and performance of his penis, and a man who murdered his wife and neighbor when he caught them having an affair. The issue of male rape victims is addressed and the relationship between gender performance and anatomical sex in popular fiction is explored.« (Source: Historical Abstracts)


  The Stone Maiden Who Became a Chaste Widow (p. 284)
  What Is a Body For? (p. 288)
  The Stone Maiden Who Became a Nun (p. 293)
  The Buddhist Nun Who Was Raped (p. 295)
  The Male Rape Victim (p. 299)
  The Husband Whose Penis Was Too Small (p. 301)
  The Couple Caught in Adultery (p. 304)
  A Literary Digression (p. 305)
  Glossary (p. 309)

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